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stella maria
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hey, when are you going? ive just booked it and an looking forward to it, theres a group of 6 lads going, what ages and sex are you?
Hey, Im staying there too! Theres a group of 4 of us (all girls) The 1st 2 weeks in august! When are you going?
Hi Everyone off to Malia on 30th August 2005 any one out there same time?

any info on the Stella maria would be very much appreciated and info on malia itself

thanks and look forward to hearing from you :lol:
I'm going to the same resort 6th September! Heard the apartments are really nice if you dont mind a stroll down to the main strip. The owner is called Yanni and sounds like a decent guy but cant tell you much only what i've heard.
My mates went to Malia last month said its ace gave me a few bars etc to visit CANT WAIT!

Enjoy your holiday!!
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luci :wave
hiii.. me and my mate jst booked our flights to malia we r stayin in the stella maria, first two weeks of august.any wun guna b there the same time and is it all wot people say it is?? xxx
Me & 6 other girls are going for a week at the end of July/begining of August..
Add me on **** if anyone is going around this time?
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I've added these studios to our review site. If anyone has stayed here please add your review by clicking here
Are you staying in stella maria studios or apartments?
Charlotte, don't expect an answer anytime soon from previous posters - the most recent posts on this thread are over 6 years old and the posters haven't been back on HT since. I guess that few members of HT have stayed at the apartments you are asking about and so aren't able to help you.

having had a look at some of the European review sites this accommodation seems to be in the Marmite category.. either you love it or hate it and not a lot in-between, most reviewers agree the access to the beach iis not as described,taking up to 15 mis uphill at times,on balance it appears to be basic Greek accommodation,quoted as being clean with nice staff


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