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Sunset Cruise
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All good boats, some more busy than others. To see the sun setting over Fort Aguada you need to get any that leave at 6.00pm (half hour up the river and half hour back). We have always used the Royal, plenty of Indians on having a good time.
Choose your boat and pay at the kiosks along the jetty, you can't miss them.
Prices went up to 150rps last year, drinks on board are not that bad price wise, and also a decent selection of snacks, bajis,chips and samosas etc..
If you can't make it for the sunset, then get any when it is dark - all boats look great lit up and seem to attract more people.
Great fun - not to be missed.
Don't forget a trip round Panjim later - some hidden bars to be found ! along with the Delhi Darbar restaurant for some top food.
Nice little bar opposite side of the river and further down from the cruise boats is a pub called Top Gear, small but great to chill out in.
Thanks a lot for that, will take note of that one and see if I can spot it :)
As I've only been to Goa once before, I don't know if anyone else is the same. But I feel awful leaving a taxi driver waiting around for us whilst we go off and do stuff. Or is that just me?
Don't worry about it !! there are that many sat for hours not doing anything they are glad for the extra payment for your return journey, not been this year yet but reading about rip off drivers, take some time to plan your day to go on the cruise (they operate every night of the week) and ask around for a price to take you/wait for you/and return you home.
Where are you staying ? If you are in Candolim/Calangute area why not get the local bus (about 10rps each) to Betim and get the free ferry across the Mandovi, you are then just a 5 min walk to the cruise boats.
Forgot to say in my other post, the Royal didn't go on the night we went due to engine problems (and it's the only one that leaves at 6.00pm) so they put another one on in it's place, so got some cracking sunset pics.
Also we paid an extra 50rps to sit on the premier deck, and got waiter service thrown in.
Hiya, thanks again for the info Spike :)
Staying in Candolim again. Will probably check out the taxi prices for ease, as we ended up using one taxi driver for the majority of our trips last time we were in Goa, as compared to other drivers he seemed very fair, and didn't in my opinion rip us off. So fingers crossed he is still around.

Ha ha, premier deck and waiter service for under a £1, superb :) Would love to get the 6pm ferry then to see the sunset!

Out of interest though, how long does the bus to Panjim take?
Bus times will depend on how busy with pick ups and drop offs, but I would say all the way into Panaji center about 20-25 mins ? to the ferry drop off stop at Betim (this is just before the fish docks) knock 5 mins off.
Either by bus or taxi I wouldn't leave later than 5.00pm, there is a bar and toilets at the jetty if you do have to wait though.
Another thing to let you know (but not to worry about) is, one year the taxi we took called at a travel shop in Panaji center and the driver took our ticket fare and got them from there - just getting a bit of commission I guess, so if that happens - don't panic.
Get off at the ferry, if you go into Panjim bus station it is a longer walk.
It`s a great evening, all the times I have been to Goa I cannot believe I never did this before :( The Indians are a crazy bunch and have a whale of a time dancing about, it`s a sight to behold.
Dehli Darber is a must as Spike says, we got lucky when we went as Dipoo one of bar lads we have known for a few years knew the Manager, we mentioned his name and got treated like Royalty and a bit off the bill :tup
Couldnt believe it 1st time we went on the cruise, give it a try its cheap excellent hour or so, sit back and watch or join in no one cares ...Am taking some new friends this year cant wait to see their faces when the music starts :rofl .Most hazardous part was getting across the road to the ticket office ....Liz
Great photo FTV we have been on 3 sunset cruises the first is the best when you don,t know what to expect
with the indians dancing :rofl
Missed only one 'cruise' in the last 10 years, (sad I know !!) but it makes a great start to a good night out.
Anyone who hasn't been to Panaji at night time - take a trip in the daytime and 'suss' out where the bars and restaurants are, also a nice walk from the jetty along the coastline passing parks (one with sculptures and Portuguese canons) and great old houses. Have seen a few posts over the years where some people seem to thing all there is are Reebok shops etc..
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