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Here in Torrevieja some places have a chiller unit on the counter for Tapas so you can look to see what you want or ask if they do a Tapas menu. All Tapas is, is a snack of some thing sometimes meat or fish my favourite is potatoes and garlic mayonnaise (Ali Oli) you usually get some bread with the tapas as well. Most places speak english now so if not sure ask.
If in Benidorm go to "Tapas Alley". The Cava Aragonesa is one of the best and the food is described in English so you can have a look and pick what suits best.
The fun of tapas is to order a lot of small things and to just try without fears. In most of the bars you can actually see what you are ordering.

Most typical tapas are: patatas bravas, calamares a la romana and jamon.

You will find something called 'montaditos'. Those are tapas ontop of a piece of bread. Furthermore, you will find 'racion' which is used for hot tapas. Always order 'una racion' if you are not sure what you are ordering.

The beauty of Spanish food is, that most of the things are delicious and that it is difficult not to like it.
A Tapa is basically a bite of something. It really refers to a "lid" because that is how it was presented on a saucer placed on top of a glass to keep flies etc out of the drink. A Racion is a larger amount but still of snack like quantity, and a porcion is a larger more substantial amount.

Best REgards - Taggy :)
Staying close to Tapas alley in may, it may sound silly but how do you go about ordering tapas without looking like a complete fool?! Been in tapas bars before but never really had the nerve to ask for anything. This time im determined to try. Any help would be gratefully recieved.
Thankyou :cheers
Hi AmyStar .. I have merged your enquiry with this existing similar topic, which may provide some useful info and hopefully attract some further feedback.

We also have a separate topic about eating in Benidorm Old Town, including Tapas Alley ... please click here.

David :wave
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