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I use my vouchers to exchange for BA miles and that, along with using Amex for everything( and paying it off every month :lol: ) has got flights to Rio( twice), in to Hong Kong and back from Bangkok and in December- Hong Kong again. Trip reports have all been written! :D
Haven't done holidays with them, but ordered Theme park vouchers which arrived really quickly. We shall hopefully use them tomorrow to buy wristbands for 11 kids at Wicksteed park- actually makes for a great party at reasonable cost as you get £15 wristbands for £3.75 each in vouchers. Should be great so long as the weather holds.

Pam :D
Looking at the tesco travel section of their website I assume you have to buy the holiday through Can you use your Tesco clubcard vouchers for money off - and are they worth 4 times the face value of the voucher as most of the deals are? I can't find anything on there that says you can use your vouchers?
no- you order up the vouchers and then book with the TO. Have a look
here for more info. There are far fewer companies available than there used to be.
You do get 4 times the face value. I can't comment beyond that really as I haven't used the vouchers for them. I'm sure others here have though :D
I've used mine in the past to book flights with XL. got flights for 1/4 the online cost.
it works like this.

Check xl airways web site and search/ choose your flight./holiday

order vouchers for xl from tesco (this can be part payment or full)

When you have vouchers, Double check the flights/holidays are still available on web site.

phone xl airways (your given a certain number for Tesco bookings) and book flight/hol.

Send vouchers to XL ASAP special delivery recommended.

For me it worked a treat and saved me a lot of hard earned.

NB I don't think you can use for florida bookings, best check first.

Hope this helps

Helpfull Rog :wink:
For some years I've had my Tesco points converted to Airmiles but don't find them particularly good value now. In the old days I used Airmiles for flights but now, by the time you've added on the taxes etc., it often works out cheaper to buy flights elsewhere. It sounds as if I might be better to change from Airmiles to Tesco Vouchers if I only knew how to go about it. I am only interested in using them for flights, not packages.
I did a little experiment yesterday by pricing up some BA flights to Egypt using Tesco clubcard vouchers and converting them to airmiles. I assumed converting £100 of tesco vouchers to airmiles and paying the balance . It didnt work out any cheaper than i could get flights with BA for anyway so in that case It was better to hand the vouchers over against my shopping. :( also looked again at maybe converting them to airmiles for a weekend break somewhere but by the times you add the airport taxes on its the same price as a flight with the budget airlines + you have used your vouchers so they have gone :( .

think the Xl deal could be worthwhile also the eurotunnel one if you make trips to france

We used our vouchers to book a week in Corfu with Cosmos. The terms and conditions state that you have to pay the full brochure price but when we phoned the number to book the holiday with Cosmos we were charged the Internet price plus £20 each, which was considerably cheaper than the brochure price.

There were no problems with the booking process or getting the vouchers from tesco. My only problem is that this was our first TO holiday apart from a last minute last year and it reminded me of all the reasons we stopped using TO's...they really are the pits. Still I am not moaning because we got a holiday that would have cost us £1500 for nothing by using the vouchers.

We intend doing it again next year with a two week holiday in the school summer holidays.

In-flight meals, taxi transfers, extra leg room seats etc etc have to be paid for as the vouchers cannot be used for them. You also need to check your travel insurance as some companies will not cover cancellation refunds if you have paid in vouchers.

I just hope that Tesco will negotiate more deals with the likes of superbreak etc so that we can book flights and accommodation separately. For anyone looking at booking soon, I understand that Individual Travellers will not be accepting tesco vouchers after next month.
I wouldn't waste my time using vouchers for airmiles but changing to BA miles is def a great way to go :D
I've just redeemed airmiles which I have had for years to wine :lol:
I have some friends stay at short notice so used my tesco vouchers to get the discount vouchers. Did the conversion on the internet by using the code on the vouchers and they arrived in 2 days. I was impressed.
Does anyone know if Cosmos charge more for their holidays when you use your tesco vouchers, their winter sun brochure does not have prices in it you have to ring them up.You cannot use the vouchers with online prices.
dstorr, we have used tesco vouchers with cosmos twice now. They will match an online price will not get free child or reduced child prices OR reductions for any of the various bits and pieces for which they normally give a reduction. The vouchers also do not cover meals on flights and taxi transfers or any other extras such as a sea view etc etc. You have to pay for those.

The way we look at it is that you are still getting a virtually free holiday that you would not have got if you were using any other sort of card or payment method.
Hi, have been reading on other forums about people managing to book holidays using tesco points, just interested to know if anyone has done this and where they managed to get to, would love to do this maybe by 2009 if i can manage it or maybe just a short break next year.
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luci :wave
We used our Tesco club card points for a holiday to Majorca through XL.Just recieved accom voucher and flight refs this morning as its a bmi flight and we leave on the 4th Oct.All was straight forward.I know XL are pulling out at the end of Oct so anyone wanting to book with them needs to do so sharply for holidays/travel commencing up to next Oct
looks like i have startedcollecting at wrong time then, was planning on using xl next year for flights, wonder if any other flights only co will join in or is everyone starting to pull out !
we used the tesco vouchers for xl flights for next year and i just rang up by chance to change some details on it and they said the flight is now cancelled, i am supposed to be getting a full refund and my club card vouchers put back on my card but they dont seem to be in a rush in doing so
Also booked flights for next year using my Tesco vouchers with XL and received a letter today to say that the flights have been cancelled due to commercial reasons. Can pay an extra £260 to fly on a different date but cannot use any Tesco vouchers to pay the extra unless I cancel then re-book.
Tesco said it could take upto 6 weeks for XL to put the vouchers I've used back onto my account, XL said it would be 10 days :x
My friend has just booked the QE2 and has used her Tesco vouchers to get £2100 off the price - bargain!! :D :lol:

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