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The weather!
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It is just weather and without the varieties we get here in the UK the BBC would be lost. Heading for a record temperature they say and I am surprised the BBC is not broadcasting live pictures of a thermometer.

It is only a record because it happens at an official weather station, your back garden may be higher but it does not count. There thats got rid of your five minutes of fame - Sorry.

Not that long ago interpid reporters from the BBC were broadcasting from towns and villages cut off from civilisation by snow. What nobody can tell me is how the BBC and its full production crew. Reporter(s)Cameramen, Sound Engineers, Wardrobe (Note how they wear the latest designer gear on camera) Make-up. Director of photography, Script Editor, Runner, Assistant Producer, Producer and all the rest

Some years ago when I worked in Keighley the TV outside broadcast in Blizzard conditions was spectacular, except it was from the middle of a roundabout on the bypass - Traffic was flying past in both directions but according to the reporter nothing could get in or out of Keighley due to the conditions. All it did was prove that you never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Some days we get sun or rain or snow or all three - it is called weather and here in the UK we get a variety.
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Fiona I remember 76 too, and it was mighty hot, it feels hotter now, but then i'm a lot older and get hotter and colder quickly, if that makes sense:)
I remember '76 as well; had 7 or 8 weeks off work with glandular fever right in the hottest spell! Personally I think that 76 was hotter - clear blue skies from dawn til dusk -at least here in S.Wales we have had cloudy mornings!
Not sure that everybody believed me ( OLYMPICS, Test matches,Wimbledon etc were on) but the combination of the heat and the illness made walking more than a couple of hundred yards a misery. Didn't get to standpipes fortunately altho' my future M-I-L was having to cope with buckets down in N.Devon:-D
The weather is changing instantly. You cannot even predict when and why this will happen again. Sun creams, swimsuits -- sometimes nothing may save you from the anomaly heat. Just for real.

Moreover, right now I am looking for possible solutions of how to cope with the heat inside my house. The fan is not very effective. Air conditioner consumes too much electricity, so afterwards I pay the double price for it and this is worrying, to be honest.

Did someone use solar blinds combined with solar panels from ? I am planning to because my friend is already using this new type of technology. And oh my god -- he pays less for electricity!
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