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Things to see
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The Valley of the Butterflies, Ancient Kamiros,the wine factories at Embona, Prassonissi where the Aegean and the Med. "meet", Kalithea spa, I could go on and on!Have a look on a map and you can see a lot in a few days with a car. Have a lovely time.
Give Valley of Butterflies a miss.By Sept. They will all be gone.Anyway they are moths not butterflies.Dont go to Seven Springs either. Now very rundown.Not so much springs but green puddles.
If you havent been to the waterpark, go there, its in Faliraki, I suggest either going on an excursion with an agency in Rhodes (Zorbas is very good) or get a bus/taxi to Rhodes Town and then take the free bus from there to the waterpark.

Many excursion agencys do a Scenic South tour which I really reccommend - I went with Zorbas which is in the road down to the main beach and we went to Sienna, a beautiful village on a mountain, there is a lovely chapel, which as a clock painted on to it.. They do alot of tapestry, honey, etc. You also go to monilithos (sp?) which means 'one stone'. Its a lovely castle on top of a huge rock and isnt too much of a walk. You also go to Prassonissi (sp?) which is where the two seas meet - the Agean and Med. One is calm and one is more rapid and wavey. Even if you don't fancy doing such an excursion I definitely reccommend the Monilithos, Prassonissi and Sienna.

Definitely do Lindos Acropolis, this year we went up and down it via Donkey and it cost us 10E for two of us. Alot of fun and saves you geting hot and sticky walking!

If you have a bit of money spare, maybe consider doing a day trip to Symi. Lovely island, the only thing I didnt like was the ferry there and back. It took three hours on the way there - After two hours we stopped off at a famous monestry - and two hours back.

We went to Kiotari beach to do watersports - a jetbike which can fit three people was 33e for 15mins. Was alot of fun! Cost 12e to get there from Pefkos. Then went to Vhaki bay (ill check the spelling of that) to do paragliding which cost 30e each.

Lardos is lovely! Its a local village which stays alive after the tourist season. There are restaurants, bars, supermarkets and afew tourist shops. We were told by a local that the Old House is good for 'real greek food'. We also really likely Loukas.

BTW, The Colliseum restaurant in Pefkos is lovely!

If I think of anything else I'll add.. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
To quote just one guide to Rhodes:

One of the most charming destinations on Rhodes, Seven Springs offers a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis, even in the heat of high summer, swamped in greenery. Waters come out from the springs all year around, which end up in a small lake. You get to the lake walking through a narrow tunnel of 186m. The lake exists thanks to a dam built by the Italians, in order to provide the nearby Kolymbia with fresh water.
The area of Seven Springs and the nearby forests are suitable for walking.

I have to say that I agree with the above, as do the thousands of visitors who go there year after year.I also have to say that Valley of the Butterflies is lovely. Yes, the moths will be gone in Sept. but it's a lovely walk up to the monastery.
Profitis Ilias is another place worth a visit. It's almost alpine up there and the smell of the pines is great. There is a restored Italianate hotel there and yet another monastery.
thanks folks... loads of great ideas, i'll be trying out as many as I can fit in lol :D
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