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While we're on the subject of the rebrand to Thomson Airways, I thought it might be worth re-posting the aircraft list once the streamlining and airline merger has taken place:

Total fleet of 65 aircraft - 6x B737-300, 16x B737-800, 25x B757-200, 5x A320-200, 5x B767-300/ER (328Y - short haul), 6x B767-300/ER (ex FCA, 63P, 195Y - long haul/258) and 2x B767-300/ER (ex TOM, 42P, 241Y - long haul/283). Overall, 10 aircraft are leaving the fleet and two being added (737-800). Both airlines, but now Thomson Airways have Boeing 787's on order with the FCA order due starting May 2009. However, there are lengthy delays on 787 production so may not arrive until 2010. Standby aircraft will be 2x B757-200 and 1 B767-300/ER (328Y), but could also operate long haul rescue flights if needed. Aircraft bases:

BOH= 1x B737-300
CVT= 2x B737-300
DSA= 2x B737-300, 1x B737-800
EXT= 1x A320-200
BFS= 1x A320-200 (operated by Skyservice, either C-GTDG [G-OOPP] or C-GTDH [G-OOPT])
DUB= 1x A320-200 (operated by Skyservice, either C-GTDG [G-OOPP] or C-GTDH [G-OOPT])
STN= 2x B737-800
CWL= 1x B737-800, 1x B757-200
NCL= 1x B737-800, 2x B757-200, B767-300/ER on certain days
GLA= 2x B757-200, B767-300/ER on certain days
BHX= 5x B757-200, B767-300/ER on certain days
BRS= 2x B757-200, B767=300/ER on certain days
EMA= 2x B737-800, 1x B757-200, B767-300/ER on certain days
LTN= 1x B737-300, 1x B737-800, 1x B757-200
MAN= 3x B737-800, 3x B757-200, 2x A320-200, 2x B767-300/ER (258), 1x B767-300/ER (283), 3x B767-300/ER (328)
LGW= 5x B737-800, 6x B757-200, 2x B767-300/ER (258), 1x B767-300/ER (283), 1x B767-300/ER (328)

Notice FCA A321's are leaving the fleet completely

Of the FCA 767s, two each will be based at Gatwick and Manchester, with the other two operating the regional longhaul from Bristol, Newcastle, East Midlands, Glasgow and Birmingham. One each of the remaining TOM 767s (328) will be based at MAN and LGW.



G-OBYD although it has the new IFE is now fitted with 328 seats for the summer.

Are the only long haul a/c

Thank's for that! I wish they wouldn't keep changing the configurations! Just when you think you have a list of aircraft sorted ....... :rofl G-OBYE/G/I have been operating TOM6491/2 so that stands.

Sunaddict wrote:
Does anyone know why TOM104 MAN-PUJ scheduled for today is now supposed to be departing tomorrow, and TOM105 is showing as cancelled?

Sorry for the late reply. I've been told it's due to fuel shortages (Jet-A1) in the Dominican Republic, delaying things. Flights are operating via Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Hi folks
Just an issue that has been hi lighted today re Thomson platinum holidays, on their web site it now states that baggage allowances is 20kg, I have booked with them for a break staying in one of their platinum locations on cape verde, I have received an invoice by email stating 23kg per person for luggage but on their web site, NOW they state only 20kg per person along with some blurb saying, if you would like to purchase excess baggage at a cost, What's all this about then!!
So.... will I be informed that the rules have changed or will they honour our original allowance????

All comments welcomed :think

The allowance at the time of booking should be honoured, especially if it's stated on your invoice / tickets. It might be best to double check with who you boked with though.

Thanks Darren

Booked on line direct with Thomson, so I figured that should suffice, just thought I would like to gauge other Thomson customers for their views....Cheers as always mate ;)
I agree with Darren. If you booked when it was 23kg it should be honoured. Take your invoice with you to check in. If you receive tickets, it should be printed on them.
Definitely take your documentation with you, I recently returned from a trip to Mexico having purchased extra baggage, I had a problem checking in at Cancun as there was nothing on the system about my extra allowance. I had taken a letter with me as to what I had paid for, but it still took some time at checkin as the guy had to get someone else who I assumed could understand the contents of the letter.

I was hoping you could tell me which aircraft type flys from london gatwick to sharm el sheikh on a thurs, flight no tom 396 outward and tom 397 return.

Also does this plane have IFE?

Thanks in advance


LGW-SSH-LGW (TOM396/7) are operated by a Boeing 757-200. These have IFE fitted. You'll find further aircraft information on our What Aircraft? guide (link below).

Hi Darren,

Please could you clarify for me as to whether there are two flights out of gatwick on a thurs as there are two flight no's a TOM 406 and a TOM 396, both flights depart and arrive to sharm at the same times! very confusing.
Also on the return journey it says there is a TOM 407 leaving at 21.10 and a TOM 397 leaving at 21.25, is all this info correct?

Many thanks


There are several flights on a Thursday operating LGW-SSH-LGW depending on the time of year. These are the current ones;

Dep LGW Thurs 09:05, Arr SSH 16:20, 75W, TOM396 (weekly 21) 04/11/2010 - 24/03/2011
Dep LGW Thurs 09:40, Arr SSH 16:55, 75W TOM818 (weekly 21) 04/11/2010 - 24/03/2011

Dep SSH Thurs 17:20, Arr LGW 21:10, 75W, TOM397 (weekly 26) 04/11/2010 - 28/04/2011
Dep SSH Thurs 17:55, Arr LGW 21:45, 75W, TOM819 (weekly 260 04/11/2010 - 28/04/2011

Times / flight numbers may have changed sightly since I got the schedule last September.

Looking at all the complaints on Premium seating maybe its time to drop it and give all passengers 34in legroom and as Darren says configure all of the fleet the same,it will save a lot of heartache.
They should be able to do this as with the delays to the Dreamliner they will be using the 767 for quite sometime yet.
I would prefer it if they just put the same number of Premium seats, and maybe seats in general, in both ex FCA and ex Thomsonfly aircraft. At least that way it would be easier to interchange the planes.
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