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I have just come back from 2 wks in Sousse, Hotel Marhaba Beach. There were definately a few women sunbathing topless, but not very many. Didn't see anyone by the pool, just on the beach.
Enjoy if u do go :)
As winnie says, some people do go topless on the beach, and I've seen them at the pool also. The strange thing is they are freqently the sort of ladies who would look better in a burka. :rofl Although Tunisia is fairly tolerant of western ways in tourist areas, if only because their economy depends on tourists, it is a Moslem country and you may therefore get more attention than you wish, not all of it complimentary. At the end of the day it will be up to you but you may feel more comfortable if you respect their standards, which are very relaxed compared to other Arabic countries.
I always stay in Port el Kantaoui and on many occasions have noticed a few women lying around the pool or on the beach sunbathing topless.
We came back from Tunisia, Skanes 4 days ago and there were topless on the beach and poolside there.
Hi Carl,
I went topless sunbathing when I visited Tunisia a few years ago :whoops but my wife didn't join me!


My son went on his own to PEK recently and stopped at the Royal Kenz. It did concern us that he chose to go on his own even though he is 18 because if you remember I told you that we went a few years ago but had a dreadful experience in the Soviva, :yikes the hotel next to the Kenz. I can tell you and others that my son had a fantastic time! Cause of his age and being on his own he socialised a lot with the young reps and also went on the Sahara trip. He found the whole experience enjoyable and he's urging us to try the Kenz, a brilliant hotel, and as he said nothing has really changed at the Soviva, from what he saw and heard. He can't wait to go to Tunisia again, so it seems to us that it really was the dump of a hotel we stayed at NOT Tunisia! I guess we might have to try a week at the Kenz?

Briar I know this isn't really part of this thread but I posted here anyway rather than starting a new one since I thought you'd like to know about this, :tup

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