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Yes,I recall Intasun,and I remember that they published their own brochures.'Googling' the name reveals that they did go under in 1991, so could well be the firm that Nezi is thinking of.Strange..... I had totally forgotten about them but,as soon as I saw the name, remembered always getting their brochure from the travel agent's because they always seemed to be the most competetive on price ( which may be one of the reasons that they no longer exist !! )
Thats the one (Intasun) remembered it as soon as i saw it.

Cheers for the info
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Nezi,Is that your original invoice?.I remember them well as they were very good value.
I went to Benidorm with my boyfriend in 1988 with Intasun - my first holiday on my own without my parents. Our flight was with British Airways.
I remember my parents always turned up their noses at the Intasun brochure - they thought it was cheap and tacky and they only ever picked up the Thomson brochure :roll:
LOL. I went to Rhodes with them in 1988. Lots of people turned their noses up at them for being cheap and tacky. I also went on holiday with 'Flair' and 'Horizon'. i'm not sure if these companies went bust or were just takem over by bigger companies.

To leave the two giants we have today. :think
Flair was part of the British Airways Holidays group (along with Martin Rooks, Enterprise and Sovereign) - they merged (or sold cheaply) with Sunmed. The different holiday brands remained for a few years under the umbrella company of Redwing Holidays. Redwing Holidays then was sold to Owners Abroad Group. They later changed their name to what is today know as First Choice Holidays.

As for Horizon (and their in-house airline Orion) they were eventually taken over by Thomson Holidays.

Ironically both Thomson and First Choice merged last year to form Tui Travel.
I remember Inspirations which then became JMC then eventually Thomas Cook.After Yugotours ceased trading I remember going with Med Choice.I wonder when we will have just one travel company?.
Probably very soon Jay. It's quite worrying really. I guess the only thing then to keep things competative will be DIY.

I remember happily looking throught the Yugotours brochure, before the war broke out.

Great holiday to Lake Bled with them.

Jay Trip wrote:
Nezi,Is that your original invoice?.I remember them well as they were very good value.

No its not my invoice/ticket. Just had a look through google after i found out who it was and it was the only thing with a logo i could find.
All these old names are bringing back memories!

I remember Martin Rooks because that was the first job I was offered after leaving school. I turned it down as the office was in Sloane Square and too far to travel - the wages were £25 per week and they upped it to £28 when I declined!

I also remember Tjaereborg and Vingresor :)
On 14th January 2008 at 12:20am, nezi said:
I was just thinking about all the places i have been and who i travelled with and my first ever holiday abroad (apart from school trip to Belgium) was a fortnight to Torrevieja. What i was wanting to know was who i travelled with. The company no longer exists but the were a well known company (who had their own brochures) who went bust a few years ago. I was 19 when i went and that was 18 years ago. Does anyone have any idea of companies who have went bust in that time.

Cheers in advance
On 14th January 2008 at 02:23am, Jay Trip said:
Lancasters? Intasun?
Try Martin Rook
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