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Well its 4 years since we were there but we did that journey. The Station is at the back of the town and has a large, free car park. Trains were regular (every 30 mins I think). They were clean and fast. The line runs all along the coast with some great views (and some not so great ones behind the nudist beaches!). The train drops you at the Plaze de Catalunya which is at the top of the Ramblas. You can walk down there to the Harbour. Fares seemed very reasonable compared to Britain.
We came back from Calella two weeks ago which is on the same line to Barcelona just three or four ( i think !! ) stops closer. Yes the trains do run every half an hour and are very clean but very busy so if you will be lucky to get a seat. An adult return from Calella to Barcelona was 5 euros 50 cents, as blanes was a little bit further it will be a bit more expensive but i wouldn't think it would be very much more. It took an hour from Calella to Barcelona and they ran untill after midnight but you need to be careful at Barcelona coming back as all the trains for that line leave from platform 1 at the placa de Catalunya but they don't all go as far as Blanes.
Here are the times from Blanes with the journey times

Ill see if I can find out the price for single/return
Sorry the link takes you back to the home page. on this page click on Origen scroll down and highlite Blanes, then click on Destino, scroll down and find Barcelona Plaza Catalunya highlite it ,then click on Horarios.You should get the list of times. To get the return times click on Solicitar los horarios de regreso en el dia.these are week day times. for sundays and holidays ,from the dropdown menu click on Domingos y festivos.
do these trains go to the airport and if so how far is Barcelona airport from the train station
Hi Big Red
If you go to the Cercanias web page in the reply above for the area, click on the map below the word horarios(ver plano guia) and youll see the zones it serves.Aeropuerto is line 1 in pale blue.Havnt taken this route but the station cant be far,within 400 mts I should think.
Here it is BIg Red aenas map showing you where the station is in relation to the airport
Thanks for the info.
We went from Blanes to Barcelona when we went on Honeymoon to Blanes. This was 4 years ago, and am trying to remember. There was a frequent bus service to the station and back, which stopped inside the train station and actually waited for the trains to come in before it left! We just turned up to the train station at Blanes and the trains were very frequent to Barcelona. It was very cheap (we even bought two one-ways tickets each as we didn't know how to ask for a return ticket!), although this was 4 years ago and before the euro, it was still only about £2 each, each way!!!
Have a great time, if you've not been to Barcelona before, IMO, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.
hi , we have done three journeys on different years from blanes to barcelona,it is so easy we have taken an electric wheelchair,

If one remembers that the stop to alight at is the 3rd station after the train enters the underground and avoid returning between 6-8 oclock the trains are packed ( worse than british ones)

There has always been a bus waiting to return to llorett each time we arrived back.
Enjoy the journey and Barcelona they are lovely ,even better no REPS with you ,cheers maxie
Thanks for the info folks, its good to hear from people who have done the journey.
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