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I too am hoping he cynical is ok, I hope HT ers post when they return to let us know. This is all very sad, I feel I know people on here. :?
Hi to everyone
Would just like to say. I was at the airport ready to catch a flight with my husband and children to the maldives when the earthquake and tsunami struck. We were very lucky!!!!. After watching sky news since we came home. I am lost for words at the enormous magnitude of this disaster.
I was very thankful for all the advice given to me and probably to others reading these messages on this forum, and just had to say to people, that if you have been to any of these places and enjoyed the local people's hospitality. Then at this moment in time,(if you havent already given to the disaster fund)they are desperate for your hospitality.
My thoughts and prayers go out to anybody who was caught up in this disaster. For you and your loved ones to get home safely.
I've just been reading this post and it's surreal! Cynical Is My Middle Name posted on 6th December saying she was going in 2 weeks - are they OK?

Bevsy, you should count your blessings and hold onto your family tonight. I have never got so emotional about something that happened so far away, but I can't bear to think of all those who lost their lives in this disaster. I wish I could do more than send money, but at least I have done something.
hi k2003

your thoughts mirror my own. I have been trying to find out what damage there was to lily beach resort on the web. this is where i think they were staying.
I have found out that Sun Island Resort, thankfully did not suffer much damage. But i must say, these were unconfirmed reports.
I believe about 42 islands were very badly hit.
All I can say is. My heart goes out to everybody affected
I am due to go to Sun Island in 2 weeks. I booked with Thomas Cook. They will not refund the holiday. I don't know what we should do. What does anyone else think? Should we still go?

I think you may be right !

We all thought it was because they didn't want to send a half empty rescue flight back on Wednesday for all the displaced people and then another flight on monday to take home everyone as normal. I would say 80-90% of the people on the plane were very unhappy about being brought home early. Over 60% of the islands in the Maldives were completely unaffected but Airtours said because of concerns over supplies of food, drink etc they could guarantee our safety. The fact that Lily beach had food and drink for a month and even sent a boat of supplies to another island was completely disregarded.

I think I must have a bit of deathwish.We missed the hurriane hitting the Dom Rep in September by two days and now this. For anyone not wanting to holiday at the same resort as me we are going to the Costa del Sol for Easter and then the Dom Rep in May ! :wink:

The High Commisioner of the Maldives has said on TV this evening that they are planning to allow tourists to enter the islands again in 2 weeks , not sure if you will be ok or not ,

the link above isnt working there is a extra . at the end and if you remove that it gives you a sunbed place in Chicago
Sorry!! Gave the wrong link before. It is

Hope this helps
Thanks for the response guys. I have to decide in the next day or so. I have called the island and they say everything is ok.
It just might seem wrong to enjoy a dream holiday when there has been so much suffering.
I'm really pleased that you are home and safe. I have been keeping watch to see if you returned safely. I'm glad it hasn't stopped you from wanting to go back. Although I've never been it is definately on my to go list! I will remember to stay away from those stated areas that you mentioned!
Best wishes and a happy new year!
glad to hear you are home safe and sound

take care

tatty x :D
Hi Tracy

Ain't it good to be loved by folks you have never met ?

I never cease to be astonished by the compassion we Brits show - £M60 raised by the general public already ( on top of the £M50 from the Government ). Like the scale of the disaster the scale of the response is hard to believe.

Keep smiling

I think some of the problem that the tour ops has in regards to NOT evacuating from the Maldives was that the FO had posted warnings not to travel - which obviously has implications on insurance!!

Monarch and First Choice for definate run a non-stop weekly programme to the Maldives with the crew flying down and spending a week in the Maldives before taking home next week's aircraft. I know for a fact that the First Choice crew were among those literally washed out of their accommodation. I don't think that the My Travel crew stay in the Maldives as they tech stop en route.

I understand that all the UK charters going down immediately after the Tsunami went down empty with the crew taking stranded passengers back home plus extra flights put on to get everyone back. I guess that My Travel just ran out of suitable aircraft to use (757 from the Maldives - UGH!!). The First Choice programme was running about 30 hours late at one point as they made it a priority to send a 767 down to collect passengers even if it meant disrupting other people's holidays. Bit of a no win situation though!

Glad you are both back safe and sound.
It is interesting to note that not all operators have responded in the same way.

I have friends who travelled on Christmas / Boxing day and arrived on Male just before the wave struck ( they were still at the airport ). They travelled with Kuoni on an Emirates flight from Manchester.

Although the first island on their 2 centre holiday was badly affected they were immediately taken to their second island and will complete their holiday there and return as scheduled.

Not all operators are equal it would appear !

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