We booked a 2 week holiday to skiathos with TUI for August 18th this year. We booked it about 5 months ago and was paying it of on direct debit. All was going well until last week when they emailed me to tell me that they have changed the flight from my local airport (which was Luton) to BIRMINGHAM over 200 hundred miles away. I went into my local TUI store as this was not good enough and I wasn’t accepting it but, she did tell me that I can fly out from Bournemouth which is now my local airport as I moved here last month. I was very happy until she told me that A). We can’t have the same hotel and B). It would have to be a different date in August. Because the new dates were not convenient to us and we wanted the original hotel, I asked if I could cancel the whole holiday to which she replied yes because I was within the 4 day cancellation period however, when I looked at my statement, I saw that they have taken a £100 cancellation fee out of my deposit!!
to say I’m fuming is an understatement, can this be correct??