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A sad time for Mallorca, :bawl The Spanish papers are now reporting 11 dead including a 5 year old child.
Sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones and hoping help is made available to those who have lost their homes to the filthy river water.

I was in la Carihuela on Tuesday and this 'weather front' also clipped some of the coastal resorts on the CDS, as it made its way towards the eastern side of Mallorca.
Prior to Tuesday the weather had been really good with the temperature in the 30's some days, but looking on my tablet for the week's weather on the CDS, the meteorologists did forecast a storm on Tuesday. Obviously I only looked for the weather in Malaga.

Their predictions were correct, because all day it was a day of blanket covering clouds …. some were dark and looming over the mountains, then around 8 pm it started raining, it was the first drop of rain we'd seen since being there (26th September).

During the night we had a hoolie of a storm with continuous heavy rain, strong winds, lightening and thunder that seemed to shake the hotel.
Wednesday morning it was still raining heavily and the taxi driver had to take a different route to the airport because of flooding.

Wednesday morning filmed from my balcony at the Hotel Pez Espada, just before we left...... You couldn't even see the mountains.

Sanji x
  • Edited by Sanji 2018-10-13 00:49:54
Thanks for the video Sanji. What awful weather to travel home in 😱
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