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hi ron
those dates should be ok. November is the month to avoid. I've had a quick check on weatherunderground and you will get some rain but mainly late afternoon, early evening. Use their trip planner feature to key in your dates and you will see the weather for those weeks for the last few years. :)
Thanks Fiona.

As long as we get some sun!?

Do you know if many people go to Samui around this time? I don't it being a bit quiet but don't want it to be empty!?

Do all bars and restaurants open this time of year/all year round?

What is considered the best place to stay, away from the bustle, but close enough to Chaweng?

I am a travel agaent Ron and I booked a very good friend to Samui at the end of September , she had mostly hot sunny days with just a few showers, Samui is quite busy around that time.
I like Choeng Mon best and it is maybe around 10 mins drive from Chaweng.
September was okay this year but we had some rain fall most in the late evenings or nights.

For others with the same question my answer would be:
Choeng Mon is ok but very small and if one are looking for a better range of bars and restaurants it is the wrong place and you will have to go to Chaweng. I would suggest Lamai, there you have everything but still in a far smaller portion than Chaweng yet only a short drive to Chaweng.

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