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Interesting point, Dipper.

What exactly do you mean by advertising? Do you mean putting onto the internet availability charts, or by owners mentioning on this website when they are coming out and when the apartment is empty?

If it's the former, then just because a week appears to be free on a chart doesn't necessarily mean that a property is empty.

If it's the latter, then Moderators on this site have warned about this in the past.

However, I'd have thought it easier for a burglar to go and have a look for himself. You can spot empty properties a mile away.
Yes, I also thought it was a strange post, but there is an important message here. We are in Turkey and because of the seasonal nature of the holiday market, most properties are occupied for only six months of the year, so what can you do ?

1, Make sure your place is as secure as it can be, window bars, gates over doors etc.

2, Managing agents, we get ours to check our property twice a week, we also have lights that come on when it goes datk

3, Our neighbours keep there eyes open and have a contact number for agents

4, The insurance cover we have takes account of the property being a holiday home and often empty. Whatever happens, we are covered.

The ironic thing is that we have only ever had one small problem where a couple of kids got in through a window, this was in the summer while our guests were on the beach, we have now fitted window guards and hopefully cut off that option.

I dont pretend that security of our property never crosses my mind, but in the whole scheme of things it is a tiny distarction from the great pleasure we get from owning our place in the sun.

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