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Excellent report Tony. How long did that take you to produce? :lol:

Perhaps you would like to write a review of the hotel in the Hotel Reviews section. There is a link at the top of the page, but I have posted a link direct Here
Nice one Tony :)

Ta for the PM, I was dying to know how it went :)

I will keep you up to date on Vegas stuff, and by the time you get back there you will be gagging for it again<g>.

Praps you should try the WSOP qualifiers for next year on Laddies? I shall check out the poker for you at the GN!

Ta for the info on The Orleans as well, we shall probably pop over there one day from the Barbary Coast to use the pool and the spa, and just to have a general mooch around :)

:D one of the few bonuses with working nights......I can delegate the 'work' and write a trip report!!

I'll do a couple of hotel reviews Luci, in fact I've stayed in a few hotels in Vegas now, I'll do several!


Heid - I'll definitely be playing some qualifiers, I try to have a go at qualifying for every tourno now, at least once. Although my interent connection at home is still playing up every day. :cry:
Had a good morning yesterday online, played in a cash game on Ladbrokes for about 80 mins and was $230 up........just as I was thinking about quitting for the day, I lost a big hand and went down $80. Still nice to make a profit but I need to be more consistent I think!!


ah......already done a hotel review........I used to be Lotus Elise 1999 on holidaytruths :)
Hi TeeCee, got a new frock? Wouldn't have know it was you. What happened, have you got rid of the wheels?

Yes.......sold Lotus Elise 1999 :cry:

and bought a Lotus Elise 2004!! yeaaahhhhhhh 8)

Just thought I'd change to my initials now.......keep people guessing!! :lol:
Thanks for the trip report, it sounds like you had a great time however, it's managed to make me want to go to Las Vegas even more :lol:

Fab report!!
We had planned to go to Vegas for our 10th anniversary and renew our vows for a laugh but I want to go sooner now!!

P.S. - must admit - the gun range is top of my list. I'll certainly be checking that out.
It,s good too see Virgin are still probably the worst trans-atlantic carrier yet still the most overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yup, must admit I was VERY disappointed with Virgin!
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