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Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know Trod :tup
UpDate Vilamendhoo is now fully open :cheers
It opened this morning, apparently the only thing not finished yet is the football pitch and one of the swimming pools has got to be filled with water, which should be done later this week.

Happy holidays :sun2

We are going in september any one else going or thinking of going???
Hi we are going on the 18th January, will let you know what's going on when we return, I must say it's been bit of a worry, hopefully everything will be in place but we are expecting some problems. :sun2 :que
That would be great, thank you, I'm sure you will have a perfect holiday :cheers
Hi Trod have you seen the latest post on the trip advisor forum about the state of Vilamendhoo Resort, be prepared for a horror show, my god what have we done!! we go on the 18th Jan. it's like a bomb site!! Don't know what to do but they had better have some alternatives cos we ain't staying there!!

Moiray :yikes :whoops
Hi Moiray,

Please please please don't be alarmed by the report, if you go to the vilamendhoo forum there are reports from 2 people who are on the island NOW and they are saying all is well ;)
The poster of that review was on the island for only 1 day :que
I really believe that the building materials seen in the photos were removed very quickly, Vila management told us that the football pitch wasn't finished and that a few villas were being 'finished off'.
They obviously rushed to get the island open for christmas and have been Clearing up since.
I'm sure everything will be perfect for your arrival, so sit back and look forward to a fantastic holiday :cheers
I think there is a bit of scare muggering going on from the poster, its also his one and only post :duh

Enjoy you holiday :sun2
Hi Trod thanks for your comments and concerns!! There are people out there that are trying there best to knee jerk us all, We'll soon find out anyway, will be watching all forums for any further comments but in the mean time will try to remain positive!! :sun2

Moiray :) :wave:
Hi Trod got back on Thursday last week and have been shattered with jet lag but now have eventually got back to work!!.
Well where should I start?? Vila is without doubt the best island we have been to in our 5 visits to the Maldives, everthing is brand new. The accomodation is superb, if you like sunbathing I suggest you ask for a villa on the south side of the island any number from 215 - 241 would give you a very nice piece of beach and you can sunbath all day, the north side of the is overgrown with trees and is windy!!
The restaurants are buffet style and the food is superb, lots of choice. The snorkelling is second to none the house reef is reputedly the best in the Maldives!! We tried the Asian Wok restaurant on a couple of occasions and weren't disappointed absolutley spot on!! The dive school is very good well organised and the equipment is first rate. Watch out for the big german dive guide he has plenty to say for himself, but at the end became good friends with our group, we made loads of friends and must say we will keep in touch with them as we had a great time with them. The brits outway the rest by 6-1 which makes a pleasant change!! We are now looking to go back to Vila next year as we liked it that much!! What better recommendation could you want than that. All signs of building work have gone the only remnants are the paint buckets in the garden area, where the gardener is recycling the paint tins and buckets for growing plants, which will be planted on the island in the near future. Roll on next year.
Anthing you need to know just ask Trod.

Best Regards

Moiray :sun2 :) :) :tup
So glad you had a great time, and thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience :tup

Certainly want the sun so will be requesting villa on the south side, we aren't divers but do snorkel so the news about the house reef is great, there was some worry that it had been damaged during the refurb, good to hear this isn't the case.
Just under 7 months still to wait, but sure it will fly by :cheers
We're back ;) Any questions just ask :tup

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