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I'm almost positive that your card needs to be Maestro.

one thing they did say at the bank was that they had stopped the Maestro cards !!

this has put me on the spot now.

is there any advice you can give me ?

it is very much appreciated.

if you follow the link in Biff's post above it says the cash points for the area and says they accept Visa Electron.

TAKE A LOOK at this site use the search and you will find any Visa and Visa Electron ATM machenes

hope this helps

Thanks for all your help :wink:

i can now put my mind at ease.

i must say i am very surprised my local branch couldn`t supply me with the info you kindly have.

much appreciated.
I use mine in Spain all the time, I think VISA is accepted at more machines than maestro/cirrus was.
Where are you going? and when?
I haven't checked the links yet ( should do really I have now and nothing to worry about in Cala Bona :roll: )
I've been told that visa electron are taken at the cash machines in Mallorca. let you know mid May!

I've had the same problem with my halifax account.
When i complained they said did I remember what it was like when solo first came out?
I said yes thankyou and I don't want that again!!!!
Halifax is only a savings account ( well spare account for now).
My new Lloydstsb card ( was just a card nothing else) has come and that is now a visa!!!
Whilst Natwest is a meastro (was a solo) it all depends on what company the bank has gone with.
All SOLO cards are now VISA ELECTRON, Switch are being replaced with Swich/Maestro.

Visa Electron can withdraw cash at any cash machines with a VISA sign on I am informed by the bank, they dont have to be Maestro to be used abroad as they are VISA, it is only in the UK that there is problems with Electron cards being accepted.

I used to have a Solo card, with no chip or anything like that and in shops in Greek Islands was able to pop it into a machine and key in my pin to make purchases, in this country they have to stick a little chip in them, its all a money making excercise by the bank.......but.....anyway back to your question, dont worry if it says VISA you are able to use your card :-)
the bank has now confirmed what the links above allready stated : i can use the Visa Electron card in cash machines in Majorca.

thanks for all your help with this.

i`m off to the airport now, c u later
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