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We are also going to Corfu this year for the first time, like you sallington we are going for the first two weeks in August and we were in Cyprus last year in August.
I don't imagine that it will be as hot as Cyprus even though the weather charts say it's about the same at that time of year.
We went to Zante a couple of years ago which is further south than corfu and it is not as hot there, albeit nice manageable heat.
We love the heat so we are looking forward to lazy days on the beach, even though it's months away!

i dont think it will be quite as hot either,
where abouts are you going in corfu?
i hope its not as hot in the pm. it was very warm even in the middle of the night last year!!!!!!!!!!

8) 8) 8) 8) happy holidays!!!!!
We are going to Gouvia, staying at the Louis Corcyra Beach.

What about you?
oh yes we looked at staying there.

We are going to nearer south side ,well SE of te island to a small resort called agioss ioannis.

Well happy holidays :wave
I stayed in Sidari last year, went in the first week of July and the weather was lovely. Think it was around 34 to 38 all week. Even the locals was saying it was hotter than normal
:sun that sounds perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8)
agios ioannis is near where we go st georges south, this is the breezier side of the island so even if the temp is up a little the breeze helps

we go in august every year and love it HOT!!!!

dont forget your mozzy stuff they were real animals last year, dont normally bother me last year got bitten quite a bit

but we love it ther , you probably will too

thats great!!

we like the bit about a nice breeze!!!

Does this mean we are going to need more than just a mozzy spray!
Perhaps a plug in and sun cream with repellant in!

Weve never been anywhere with mozzys as a big issue! :roll: :roll:
Yes you will need mozzy spray, and the plugs. We had a horrible time with them.
Would you say that Corfu is worse than any other Greek Island for Mossies?
I haven't stayed anywhere else in Greece so I can't say. I did go back to Corfu in September last year for a weeks cheap holiday staying in Kavos and there wasn't any mossys at all. They had been replaced with wasps.
Now that is my biggest phobia. I actually asked a question about the same thing but in the Greece forum. I'm hoping by booking early August instead of late it will make some difference. A couple of years ago we went to Zante for the last 2 weeks of August and the wasps were terrible.
Mossies don't usually bother us so if it is much the same as other Greek Islands we shouldn't have too much to worry about.
Have been to many Greek Islands but found Corfu the worse for mozzies mainly in the month of may, our main advise is when out for your evening meal do not sit near greenery. may help but if they are out to get you they will
We were in Corfu last August (2nd and 3rd weeks), daily temperature was in excess of 32 degrees every day with hardly any cloud. Night temperatures were comfortable. We made sure our air con was running continuously. Only had 1 bad day when the wind got up temp was still about 28 degrees thogh !!!

Stayed in Roda at the Roda Beach Village - great place something for everyone. There were 10 in our party 4 adults and 6 kids.

Corfu does get a lot of Italian visitors during this time, who can be loud shall we say.

Waterpark is a good day out - but book through theagents in town, a lot cheaper than the tour company.

Have a good time, Corfu is a wonderful place and the people are ever so friendly.

Hop this has been of use to you.
Hiya, just wanted to say i have been to Corfu a couple of times now and did not find it that bad for mozzies. The worst place by far were i was almost eaten alive was in Zante! i don't normally get bitten but for some reason in Zante they feasted on me.

Happy hols

I'm going back to Corfu in June, to Sidari. Can't wait!!!! :pele
is it hot during these months?
I went to San stefanos for a week on the 04/10 2003. The first two days were gorgeous we was swimming in the sea, with the nights getting a lot cooler. But after them two days the weather took a turn for the worse it was non stop raining and storms. When we were going home one of the planes got struck by lightning it was that bad.
I just think in oct/nov the weather could be very unreliable its the chance you take :wave
If you want guaranteed weather then dont go to corfu after mid sept!!!
Corfu starts to get rain at that time of year.if you want to go to greece after mid sept then u need either rhodes or crete rhodes is slightly hotter than crete. You should be able to niotice when the weathers going downhill as the cost of holidays drop aswell!!!! You are better paying a little extra and going somewhere where ur going to get the weather. butgreece in october is a bit hmmm cant guarantee the weather. What ever u do dont go the last week of season - last week in oct as alot of places will be shut down and u wont enjoy it as much as u wud if u went another month!!!
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