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There are 2 webcams in Lloret, the first at the beach:

and the second at the Savoy Hotel:

Unfortunately, they're not working at present, and haven't been for some weeks :(

- Tony -
have a look here.
you can get 10 day forecast up till 01/10/05

Its wonderful to see the deserted beaches come to life on the webcams, i look every day, even in winter, it seem to be nice weather at the moment, doe'snt it make you want to be there when you see it

The webcams and the Weather Channel website always seem to contradict!

Girona forecast

Estartit Webcam

Worth keeping an eye on .... every time i look at the forecast it's quite grim, but the webcam looks totally different!! :lol:
just looking at same thing for lloret.
all forecasts say its raining but got this webcam view a few minutes ago

and it looks fine to me.

also been talking to friend there who says its a bit overcast but sun has been out and it was about 25 earlier, so i suppose we just hope.

for info there are also people on beach at tossa
Going last week in May! Is weather likely to be sunny? The reason I ask is because we've been quite a few times on holiday in the last week in May and usually got good weather. This is to places like Benidorm, Majorca, Ibiza etc. However I know the Costa Brava is more North than these places and I was wondering if the weather is generally the same as somewhere like Benidorm?
normally i would expect the temperature to be slightly lower than benidorm, but still warm enough to sunbathe.
have a look here under the "wetter statistics" for information on the last few years temperatures.
for 15 day forecasts have a look here.these seem fairly accurate, and you can change the location to eg lloret
Here is a link to some webcams which should keep people going. This one doesn't have any info on weather statistics though, so we'll have to wait for that one!!

The Lloret webcam has been stuck on night time for a couple of days now. They normally get it up and running again fairly quick so I would expect it to be back to normal fairly soon.

I've also noticed that when using the above link that the camera with the beach named 'Webcam Costa Brava Santa Margarita Canales' seems to show an image from 2007. This beach can be viewed real time using this link instead:-

and the Tossa De Mar webcam can be found here:-

This is just a page with a few webcams on it, plus a link to local weather ... if you have any more cams, i'll add them to the page :)
Costa Brava Webcams
Looking at the cams, so many small yachts on the beach at CDP today, must be some sort of race on!!!
Going to Tossa for whit week and looking at the forecasts now it seems lovely and warm in the day (24*) then dropping to about 10* at night. Will this be a bit warmer in a few weeks?
We came back from Tossa last Saturday and the weather during the day was lovely. Bit cooler on the evenings and we did pop inside the hotel from sitting on the terrace as there was a bit of a cool breeze. I would imagine it will be fine the end of May as your hitting June. Take a light cardi or thin jacket just incase :tup
Light jacket or fleece advised for night as it can be a little cooler
I ain't buying a cardi though! I'll borrow the wifes!
Weather seems to be picking up nicely now, judging by the webcams

3 weeks to go, cannae wait!!
So Cider, is it going to be nice from the 23rd? :tup . I just read some weather site which reckons May has the most rain for Tossa? Also when it says 20% chance of rain does that mean theres an 80% chance it won't rain or 80% of the day will be dry?

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