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:wave: emmacat.

The only items you will have trouble with are GPS equipment and walkie talkies.

Have a read of the fco site for latest info.

We have personally taken all the items you and your husband wish to take and had no problems whatsoever.

They were all in our hand luggage except for the ipod that was in my pocket.

When we went in 2004 we saw a couple have a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs confiscated from their hold luggage! theywere told that they could reclaim them on departure... wonder if they ever did... :oops: :oops: :oops:

Been to cuba last two years and back again later this year only thing can't take in are walkie talkies and any porn, the custom are very easy I found, go take you ipods etc and have a great holiday in wonderful Cuba
thanks all for all your help, i'm not planning on taking hand cuffs ( ;) ) and i am sure i am more than enough for my husband without him having to pack a selection of soft porn for the holiday duration (i bloody hope so anyway, especially with how much this god damn 'bikini diet' is killing me!!! :D ) so sounds like we will be just fine, i am so looking forward to this trip, 8 weeks tomorrow :cheers

We are travelling to Playa Costa Verde on the 22nd September. It is our 3rd visit to Cuba, it is quite a while since we were there last. You could not take portable DVD players last time we went, just wondered if you can take a nintendo DSI without it being confiscated at the airport.

Is there anything you cannot take like ipods etc. I don't want to put them in the hold luggage as I don't think they will be safe.

Has anyone been to PCV? Any tips would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

You can now take almost anything through except walkie talkies and GSP devices phones OK.

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