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The usual bits that come with a hire car are:- high-viz vest, warning triangle and a spare bulb kit.

Some rental companies charge for damage to tyres or windows even if you take out damage waiver insurance. If you go off-road and damage the underside of the car, that is chargeable too. Speeding/parking fines can appear on your credit card months later. You also need to check if the rental agreement requires you to fill the car up with fuel before you return it. It is very much a case of "read the small print" !

The driver must carry some form of personal identification, plus his/her driving licence and the rental agreement for the car.
Also if you return and the offices are not open how do you get your paperwork signed off to say everything is satisfactory.

You just post the keys in the office (there will be a sign where to do this)
Thank you both for your info
Might be worth looking into but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the high viz vest must be carried inside the car NOT in the boot.
Most of the hire cars will have the high viz vest draped over the passengers seat with the triangle etc in the boot. If you do not see any of the items mentioned ask at the hire desk and they should supply you with one.
all speeding and parking fines must be paid by you.not the hire company.
also if you wear glasses ie sun ones you must have a normal spare pair with you in the car.and in some cases you may need your passport.or just the #.but a picture id card will do.really just to say who you are ect.
but always like mentioned carry the carhire forms
most of the hire cars at Malaga airport do not supply high viz vests and many don't have the triangles either. It is worth complaining, but more often than not they say they have run out!
they usually come with all the bits you need. most spanish driving law is the same us british but this site has some good tips for driving in spain. http;// . hope this helps
plus if your wearing sunglasses you must have a normal pair with you as well.

smart ... see below reply.....i was just thinking for myself.i have to wear glasses.....
  • Edited by djwoody 2008-04-09 20:40:59
plus if your wearimg sunglasses you must have a normal pair with you as well.

If you wear corrective/prescription glasses to drive, whether they be tinted for the sun or not, then you must carry a spare pair.
If there's nothing wrong with your eyes and the sun glasses are just for the sun without a prescription lens, then why would you carry a spare pair, if you can see perfectly well.
ok sorry about other reply.this is the law no matter what.

Glasses (Spectacles): wearers must carry a spare pair in the car at all times
agree with above,hubby carries spare glasses too :que ,maybe the ones on your face could get broken for some reason :think
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