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Traveling abroad, nothing would stop me providing (as you say) you are properly insured. Like you Fiona, I love my holidays, especially to Greece.
However, I would not consider traveling to certain destinations outside Europe at the moment.
The likes of Tunisia and Egypt spring to mind. When on holiday you are free from all the troubles and strife of modern day living. If I did go to the two places mentioned above, (and I have been there many times) I feel I would be constantly looking over my shoulder, unable to fully relax.
Health if I physically couldn't copy anymore alone, but touch wood that's a long way off, so I think the only other thing is lack of funds
Lack of funds stops me going on as many holidays as I want, definitely. Where I go is also affected by how safe I would be. It hasn't stopped me going to one of the world's murder capitals mind you!
Same here Fiona, Some parts of Jamaica has a bad reputation, some deserved, not all mind you, but I loved it, and would go back in a heart beat, long haul travel i find harder these days, unless I could afford to go first class in comfort which sadly i can't.
Health is our major worry nowadays -altho' we aren't suffering from any major issues ( fortunately!), even minor niggles are more difficult to cope with eg I have a dodgy back which makes hauling suitcases around more troublesome and my other half worries more about the "what ifs" -she already takes a pharmacy with us!!
Also we are less willing to cope with long haul travel ; our last sojourn to the Caribbean we were travelling for nearly 22 hours from door to door!!
Have you thought of breaking up the trip with an overnight? Where were you off to that took 22 hours of travel time? That is a long time!
I am guessing that Brewerdave has included journey from his home also, getting up at the crack of dawn I would guess, it is a very long day isn't it.
As the above mentioned health & funds. However, when I watch escape to the country I see so many lovely places here that I would be happy to visit. Unfortunately, as with many others I presume, the weather is off putting. I do travel abroad mainly for the sunshine 🌅
That 22 hours was from leaving our hotel near Gatwick ,to getting into our room at the hotel in the Dom Rep @ Cayo Levantado.
The flight was only about 9.5 hours of that; the rest was all the other bits including nearly 4.5 hours in a coach!!
We are just getting ourselves prepared for another safari - and the associated travelling times! Last time to the Kruger park in SA, we were travelling for ~ 24 hours door to door!
Don't know how much longer we will be able to cope with such long transits, especially as we can't afford the flight upgrades.
It might seem counter-intuitive but at the moment I'm doing fewer short, shorthaul trips but still doing the longer, longhaul ones. This is because at the present time I've got my 90 year old Mum staying with me while we find the right place for her longer term care needs and me going away needs all sorts of arrangements to be put in place to support her while I'm away. The effort involved in getting this sorted is the same whether it's for a weekend or a fortnight and it all seems too much hassle for a weekend whereas it feels to me that it is worth doing it for a fortnight.
Health + Age = higher cost of insurance.

Sanji x
since tui cancelled my flight to pop dom republic and we have to go somewhere else we dont want to go to i will never again fly with them.they knew about the flights stopping but did not tell us until after we had paid the balance booked the coach to gatwick and the airport hotel. not happy with tui at all.
Funds and getting time off work seems harder in my job even though I work flat out still waiting for September to be confirmed but we have no staff
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