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Are you disabled or know someone who is? What are your experiences of hotels and resorts as a disabled person?
Hi Irene,Why dont you hire a wheelchair here and take it with you to Italy.I use a wheelchair and I take my own with me .All airlines will take a folding one free of charge if you let them know before you go.
I did think of that but I was planning to take my walker instead. I can managee certain distance with that and a stick , but I am prone to over doing the walking on holiday and wanted a wheelchair in reserve in case I do. I am also wary of renting a wheelchair in case it gets damaged in transit. Also, this is the first time in years since the disablility kicked in that we have flown. I feel my poor husband would not be able to handle me, plus walker, plus wheelchair, plus cases. Therefore, I thought having the wheelchair in situ so to speak would be a great help I was also wondering if Thomson could help, although I feel this is beyond their remit. I suppose it could do no harm to ask!!

Hi Irene, The way we cope with cases & wheelchair is that at the airport here(we fly from Newcastle )we use Meet & Greet for parking the car.What happens is we drive into a short stay carpark and they meet us there,my husband takes me in the wheelchair to the departure check in and then goes back to the car for the cases. then they take the car away to a long stay parking bay.I dont know about Italy but in Spain you get wheelchair assistance people and they get you from the plane and will take you to the taxi or coach . Coming back we get out of the taxi, find a luggage trolley and then I push the cases on this while hubby pushes me in the wheelchair to the checkin desk (it's a bit like waggon train..lol) after that its ok as he only has me & the wheelchair to get to departure lounge.Once we are back at Newcastle the assistance people take us to the carusel to get the cases then we phone Meet & Greet and I stay in the in the airport till hubby takes the cases to the short stay carpark where the car is waiting and then returns for me.I hope this helps.
Dont take the walker as you can always just push the wheelchair for support whilst walking.
By the way we have done this for 3 years and fly 3 times a year and our wheelchair has been fine,but you could always insure the one you hire in case of damage.

Hi Irene, my parents are in a very similar position as you and your husband and your TO and airline are required under both UK and EU law to provide you with suitable assistance from the moment you arrive at the airport and until such time as you start your onward journey from your destination or return airport.

I can't help re the specifics of hiring a wheelchair in Italy but you should make Thomson aware of your special assistance needs as soon as you can so that they can make the arrangements. We do this even when I am travelling with my parents because managing wheelchair, luggage for 3 and two irrascible 80 somethings through security can be a big job! Also, it means that you will probably get priority boarding and this gives you time to get to your seat and get settled before others start boarding and needing to get up and down the aisles etc.

I have already arranged airport assistance with Thomson at both ends - it is the bit in the middle I am concerned about! I think I will ring Thomsons tomorrow and see what they have to say. The bit about using the wheelchair as a walker never occured to me.
The thing is, I have never used a wheelchair before so its all a bit strange and I am not really looking forward to it. But, needs must.
Irene until 3 years ago I hadn't used a wheelchair either so I know how you feel.When I first got told I had rheumatiod arthritis I was determined I wasn't going to even use a walking stick never mind a wheelchair but after trying to get throught airports and boarding planes very slowly I knew I had to, as it was getting very dangerous coming down the plane steps when people were trying to push past me, as I was so slow. I dont use the wheelchair when I'm out and about at home as I use a mobility scooter which is a god send,it gives you some independence.I bought both the scooter and the wheelchair off the internet because it was a lot cheaper than buying them in mobility shops. I hope all this helps you and I hope you have a good holiday.

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