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As someone who has booked business travel and given travel briefings, you give some sound advice. Can I add some more tips.

If your employer engages the services of a travel tracking company then you can use their online advice to keep you informed about your destination. Unless your employer is very generous, the tracking cannot be used for leisure travel but sites contain useful info.

Stay away from political demonstrations, marches, etc. Also stay away from celebrations involving firing guns into the air, as what goes up must come down (if you get my drift!).

Remember to respect local customs and laws, some of which are religious. Ladies, topless sunbathing is still illegal in some countries around the world. Also, wearing anything that displays the nation's flag or camouflage gear is illegal in the Caribbean.

Carry a "mugger's bundle". This consists of low denomination local currency banknotes wrapped around an out of date plastic card. Hand it over and make a hasty exit.

Having witnessed the behaviour of fellow holidaymakers before they've left the airport, I am never surprised at naivety displayed.....
Great added advice Poshgirl, thanks for contributing...

I am working in a uk school and I'd like to take my students abroad.
Can you suggest me to go somewhere?
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