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Not heard about teh towns you mentioned but everywhere i have ever been in the Dordogne is gorgeous

as for company i would reccomend Eurocamp above the other two , i have heard some bad reports about Keycamp and Canvas from freinds, but Eurocamp nothing at all , and to just clarify that Eurocamp were originally based and started up in Knutsford cheshire , which is my home town and like a lot of people in Knutsford my parents used them and lots of schoolfreinds and there families used tehm and as i said never a bad word

only prob was when they had really just got going my parents and i happened to pitch our tourer in a site next to a eurocamp site in teh south of france , it was surreal in everyone taht walked past the entrance to our site from teh eurocamp site we knew , to me and my sister it was like being at school , thankfully that has changed now they have got bigger :D
I totally agree. Anywhere in the Dordogne is good, but as we have occasional flash floods and storms in August, try to make sure that your site is slightly elevated from the river level!

You will have a great time - all the local sites, dishes and wines! Do remember however that it gets VERY hot, and you will need to think about shade for your pitch, sun creams, mossie creams, plenty of water to drink and a hat for everyone, with good neck protection!!!! (So different from the current weather!)

Have a lovely time!
Totally agree with everything said, we have stayed with keycamp and eurocamp and eurocamp are better!
The dorgdone is stunning and yes very hot. last year we had 2 days of rain not bad out of 14!!
the rest of the time it was very hot (high 30's) so be prepared. anywhere around Sarlat is stunning and youy right in the heart of The Dorgdone...
Lots of Chatau's to visit and lots of history...Can't wait to go back again this year and with Eurocamp again... :lol:
Thanks everyone - the holiday is now booked. We're going to Les Hauts des Ratebouts in Belves with Canvas Holidays (although we've chosen a mobile home instead of a tent). We've also brought our holiday forward to the end of June to try to avoid the mid-summer heat - thanks for the advice.

In the end we were spoilt for choice with the campsites/villages but figured we've got many years ahead to try them all out...!
I stayed at Les Hauts des Ratebouts in Belves with Canvas in 2001 and it was a fantastic site very peaceful and totaly safe for kids. On site restaurant was expensive and parking in Belves is tricky on market days so get there early. I'm (2*10 yrs 1*7) returning to this area this June after three years holidaying in Turkey. We were going to do this site again it was truely very very good.
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