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Pefkos would probably suit you. It's fairly quiet but plenty of restaurants/bars and a very nice beach.
Personally i prefer Lindos but it's certainly not quiet in the day (so many daytrippers). Nights in Lindos are as lively or as chilled as you like as there's plenty of bars to suit all.
From Pefkos there's good local transport links to Lindos and Rhodes Town but car hire would be the best way to get around the island (and at your own pace).
Stegna could be the place for you. It's about half way between Rhodes and Lindos. Well off the beaten track with Faliraki and Afondou well within striking distance. Here are some pics.

I think the monastry on the mountain is Archangelos. Too steep for an old giffer like me.

Also depends on when you want to go as well as Rhodes Town slightly out of the summer hot spot months such as June and September could tick some of your's not too bad once Bar Street has calmed down, we always found quiet parts in any case and we are not clubbers either (well I can be, but that's another story! :roll: ) the beach isn't the best of the Island but there are some very nice if very busy traffic and noise wise sandy coves around the Old Town walls, I did see people fishing there too! The fun evenings are fully ticked,both for the new and the old town, good food at very reasonable prices.
Thank you! Lindos sounds good too! I guess it doesn't matter as long as you have a car and can drive around and spend fund days/evenings whereever you want...
i live on rhodes and have done so for 20 years. where you visit depends on you age, interests and time of year. villages on the west coast are served by the best bus routes. these are old established villages near to rhodes town ie trianda and kremasti. they offer plenty to see and do as locals outnumber tourists. the beaches are shingle and it can be blowy. bus routes can be of great importance as on the east coast they may not kick in properly until mid june. faliraki has had an injustice done to it by various media programmes - most of the filming and reporting being done from various angles on a 200 metre stretch of high street giving the impression of a vast area. it has a beautiful long safe sandy beach with tavernas - old faliraki end, south end of bay is very picturesque. i would certainly recommend it for a family holiday as you could spend 2 weeks there and never encounter the high street.
haraki - 38 kms east side from rhodes town. very lovely quite isolated but good bars and tavernas, fishing - lots of locals owning the properties so maximum capacity for tourists = about 200 a geat place to unwind
lindos and pefkos already have alot of pull, but expensive.
the euro has pushed really prices up in greece and catering for yourself as a tourist will not be easy as the tourist supermarkets often stock things which are not suitable. village life will offer all the necessary shops butcher, baker, greengrocer, and supermarket catering for the local community. personally i find july - sept very hot and not the best time to see the island to enjoy walking at midday etc. april and first week of may can be dodgy - rain etc. june late sept and oct fab - nov although no charters also good. also low season would offer the chance for you to have a couple of nights on symi island using the local ferry/hydrofoil and finding a room once there - very special. renting a car on rhodes i would recommend for 2 or 3 days to see far flung places - dont go to rhodes town or lindos with it as these are served well by bus routes and there is no need to waste the cost of a rentacar on them. rhodes is a beautiful island - enjoy
Thanks this sounds great!
i think in faliraki you can find everything you need.quiet places, busy places, places for young people, places for older people, very expensive restaurants, cheap alcohol, expensive alcohol...lindos and pefkos is a little far away from rhodes town but also nice
can some tell me how far from ixia is lindos, is it a walking distance or taxi.

many thanks

Its about one hour by car
guess we won't be walking there then :lol:


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