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haven't a clue wont even start thinking about it till Christmas
Bit too far away for me yet to decide still have not had my two hols this year yet - Madeira is a possibility, when i was on a cruise last year this was one of the stop offs and liked what I saw, albeit a whistle stop. Too many possibilities at the moment
We need to book next April's holiday soon as I like to do it as soon as I get back from the present year's easter break. I'm thinking about tunisia but have learnt that the hotel I fancied -Marhaba Palace- has got lots of building work going on all around it which won't be complete by next April so I'm still researching. If we don't decide on Tunisia we may well end up back on the Costa Del Sol but not necessarily back in la Carihuela (our usual haunt).

As for next Summer, I will probably book as soon as we get back from corfu in August. Haven't had any serious thoughts about our destination yet but instinct is telling me it could be one of the following -

somewhere in the Caribbean
back to Turkey (although we said the year before last we probably wouldn't go back due to increased prices and weather too hot lol)
yet another visit to one of the Greek islands.
hi...Bitez in turkey....for june/july.....and either back to pefkos or find a cosy nookwith a bit of life to try on another of the greek islands...for sept....tweetie
Depending on my travel insurance it will be Turkey and Tunisia.
If my insurance no longer include these countries on their European policies I am not paying for Worldwide insurance as it will cost more than the holiday. :yikes
So I guess it will be somewhere in the UK. :tup
I tend to book early, normally 10-12 months in advance to get the best price and a free child place where applicable. This will be the last year for a free child place though as the cut off date is usually 12, so we may do a package to fuertaventura oe lanzarote like last may.
Want to go to malta as well though, having just come back, so maybe we will go there around july or august. Also friends are asking about sharing a villa in mainland spain like we did a couple of years ago, so will have to be on the lookout for when ryanair or easyjet release their flights. I like to get flights booked straight away when we are doing a diy hol.
Where are you off to on your hols miss pink? Hubby has always fancied maderia as well. One for the future me thinks.
Good to hear all of your thoughts. It's giving me some ideas and inspiration. Glad i'm not the only one who books ages in advance. :cheers
We book well in advance too, we always get the best price,free child place and longer to pay it off then save spending money ;)

Think we will be heading back to Gran Canaria next year or maybe try somewhere new, all depends on hubby too as im always the one to choose
Undecided as yet. A choice between all inclusive in Cyprus or self catering in Lanzarote. I've a feeling we'll go with Cyprus, as our youngest will be 12 next summer, so it'll be our last chance for a free child place.
Not so long ago I would more than likely have had 2 years planned ahead but not no more . We always go to Egypt over Easter but fancy a change from Sharm next year .. summer I really dont have a clue , We usually do 2 weeks lying on a sunbed A/I but this year we are having a bit of a change from that so it will depend how we get on and whether or not we miss the chill & relax .. we are too used to just strolling over to the bar or up to the restaurant when we want something to eat without worrying about the cost and I think I will miss that , particularly when there are 5 of us .

Madeira is a possibility, when i was on a cruise last year this was one of the stop offs and liked what I saw,

Ive been told maderia is lovely pinkie. I wouldnt mind doing a bit of research there myself
chuff me, I have barely thought about this year, never mind next.

Would like to do a mini tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands and a little city break to Krakow..but as for a main holiday, not sure.

Depends how much money I have I guess. Oh, and my holiday style will change. Less diving.

I guess I will think about it more towards the end of this year.
Oooh, all of these holiday detinations sound nice. I want to go everywhere :) never been to the greek islands or turkey or the costas so ones for the next few years.
Lyn i understand what you mean about the Ai chill out on a sun lounger type of hol. We do one hol like this a year. :sun2
We also do camping/static caravanning in europe, villa hols and hotel uk breaks, and when cheap ryanair flights available trips to ireland to see friends and family.
I do have a soft spot for my Ai once a year though. The amount of cold drinks we got through
In egypt one year was enough to justify the AI cost, and that was before we even factored in the food.
justval, you sound like my friend. she has only just booked her main summer holiday now. . She never even thinks about her summer hols until after Christmas :yikes
She likes to wait that long, because she keeps changing her mind about where she wants to go. :)
Problem with that is though that the flight prices have gone up considerably since Christmas.
I like to get in early if i'm booking flights and accommodation separately. Other than that, i suppose you could hang off booking with packages. We only book so early now to get a free child place. We may well end up booking later next year when this is no longer applicable.
For the first time ever, I'm looking at a possible week abroad during February - somewhere hot, not sure where yet - Egypt & Cape Verde are my thoughts - but don't tell hubby :rofl If that comes off, then we'll probably have a few days somewhere like Prague or Krakow at some point. The main summer holiday will probably be one of the Greek Islands - but there's a lot up in the air for next year - watch this space!!
I won't be thinking about next year's holiday until after I have been to Turkey in September. Hope to go on at least two though,finances permitting.
We will either go back to our favourite campsite in The Vendee or head across the pond to visit hubbie's brother who has recently moved from New York to Connecticut.

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