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Was thinking of going down to white acres in newquay it is part of the parkdean parks what I was wondering does anyone know of a site I can go on to book privatley a caravan or lodge down there rather than go through the park and pay silly prices £600.00 + for a week in october thanks
We have just been to a parkdean site white acres in newquay was wondering can anyone tell me of a web site I could look for to rent a caravan or a lodge privatly please throuigh the owners many thanks

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You usually find the regular magazines that the tourist board issues have adverts for private rentals in. Try ringing the Newquay tourist board or phone the site reception, they are usually very mum got a private rental from a haven site in weymouth that i believe somebody on this site gave me the number for ( may of been magster but it was a couple of years ago ) and I believe I got a magazine from the tourist board at the same time with lots of private adverts in the back.


scroll down to almost botton left of page for a contact number (no personal connection, just found it by browsing)
Thanks thats the kind of thing I am looking for will give them a ring
If you google directholidayhomes you will find owners accomodation at various sites.
All the best in your choice of holiday.
anyone have any numbers or contacts for a caravan or lodge at white acres in newquay please
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To say my holiday at Whiteacres was a disappointment would be an understatement. To be honest I was not aware this site is run by Parkdean Holidays as no mention of this was made in the 2012 Hoseasons brochure

We found the accommodation dirty, the carpets and furnishings had seen better days, and duvet and pillows clearly had not been changed during the season. Overall the smell of the past occupants was quite appalling.
During our stay it became obvious that the tackle and bait lockers had not been used by others as there were hatchings of fly and bluebottle.
On the first Friday we had to take measures to make life liveable.

Site Facilities:
Fishing was my prime reason for picking this site. I was advised that 2 lakes would be closed due to "festivals" being run during our stay.
The reality was that 2 lakes were closed PLUS 2 others including the main pleasure lake. Add to this that another lake was sold off to other users during the weekend and that 2 lakes on the complex were "specimen" lakes and subject to extra cost and minimum tackle requirements. So the promises of 13 lakes to chose from was quickly eroded to a few lakes with poor access meaning my wife (with limited mobility) was unable to accompany me on my fishing sessions.
Hoseasons staff claimed not to know about these restrictions and no warnings were given on the web site at the time of booking.

I found my complaint to the site staff and to Hoseasons was treated with complete indifference. Hiding behind the small print, I was advised to send in a letter of complaint after my holiday was over.
Both companies showed very poor customer care.

To sum up:
I wish that I had looked at the site comments on tripadvisor before I booked my holiday. That way I may have saved myself the pain and stress caused by such an appalling holiday

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