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Pontins Holiday Park

2 out of 5 from 24 reviews
Camber Sands Leisure Park, New Lydd Road, Camber, Camber Sands, Rye, Sussex TN31 7RL

24 Reviews

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Avoid this filthy hell hole
1 month ago
Booked Monday to Friday with my 2 grandchildren cant begin to describe the filth everywhere we upgraded to the club apartments when we booked the floor was filthy room stank of fish curtains hanging off with holes in them dirty stained beds shower was covered in black mould the patio doors were so filthy you couldn't see out of them outside there was broken glass and blood on the floor the outside area is a health hazard wouldn't put my dog in this filthy apartment we went to the restaurant took one look at the food and walked straight out staff really rude as well. We left and stayed at park dean caravan park which was lovely Avoid this place

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2d617524863882392186f45c093ac610-Eve Burke
3 months ago
To Whom it May Concern,

I have just returned from my weekend at Pointins and would like to give you an honest review and a chance to respond before I post on the various review sites and Facebook groups etc.

Myself and another family booked to stay at Pointins Camber Sands Friday – Monday. I have a few positives to say and a few negatives. I’ve come back feeling quite disappointed and a little upset.

First negative – We arrived at 12.00 on the Friday as we was aware that we were allowed to use the facilities. My friends children and mine who are 3 boys aged 5, 7, 8 and a girl who is 2 were very excited as obviously since we booked we had been showing them the various activities that are listed on your pointins website. They couldn’t wait. Sadly when we arrived (on a nice warm day) not a single outdoor activity was on. I could of understood this if the weather had been bad. I spoke to reception and they told me Friday is too much of a busy day for them to run anything. We let the boys play in the various parks until we could check in at 4. I already started to feel that we could of stayed at home and just taken them all to the local park. If it wasn’t for the charming General Manager - Roxanne I think we may have left.

First Positive – I was pleasantly surprised with our accommodation and infact really happy with it (apart from the television that did not work at all and the broken sofa bed – I could live with that). Although, as there was 5 of us in our apartment we had a 2 room apartment, my friend had one room and in all honesty I feel you should not be passing the sofa bed off as a double bed – it is the most uncomfortable thing ever. I was told that it was a quiet weekend and had about 700 people there – I think as couples with young kids we should of been put on the ground floor.

Another negative – On Saturday there was a little rain in the morning but it had cleared up and was drying out by about 11. We walked about the site and saw lots of posters advertising different activities such as pony rides, nitro cars etc. We took the boys to the Croc driving school – sadly there are no carts there. Which is sad as one of the activities listed on your pointins website is a Mini Trax (NOT WORKING). We asked the staff and they advised us to take the kids to the go Karts near the Jurassic World – we walked down there just to be told that the boys were too young and this was for bigger kids and adults. But, “Don’t worry kids” I said, “ We still have the nitro cars that’s advertised on their website and pictured all over the camp”. But, hang on, that’s not open and the guy told us they don’t have any cars for it anymore”. But, “Don’t worry kids” I said, “ We still have the trampolines that’s advertised on their website and pictured all over the camp”. But, hang on, that wasn’t open either”. But, “Don’t worry kids” I said, “ We still have the pony rides, Segway’s, birds of prey etc. that’s advertised on their website and pictured all over the camp”. But, hang on, they weren’t there either. As the kids at this point were distraught we headed off to Park Resorts next door – as they had all activities OPEN! The kids had a great day but was wondering why we didn’t stay there in the first place.

We popped back promptly to Pointins in Camber as Wrestling was advertised to be starting at 2pm. We turned up at 2 – the wrestling ring was still being set up so had to spend about half an hour listening to a blue coat shouting at us “Are you ready to Rumble??” – when it was quite clear that they weren’t ready at all. When the wrestling finally started I asked the kids if they wanted a hotdog from the diner. All said yes! So I queued from 30 minutes, just to reach second from the front and the man running the diner walked round and pulled the shutters down and walked off. I later told reception about it and they said the till had stopped working. Why the man couldn’t off told me that before walking off I don’t know. By this point my partner had walked out as he could not stand any of the beer at all. After wrestling I promised to take the boys to the urban gym and skate park – we went there at 445 and they were shutting. Another disappointment.

We asked reception if we could speak to a manager about the activities etc. And she said to come back at 5 as no one was about. At 5 we went back and spoke to Duty Manager Jay – in all fairness to him he was absolutely charming. Himself and Roxanne really did try their best to please us. Pointins are very lucky to have them. I would of put this review immediately on every site and facebook page I could think off if they hadn’t of been so good. Thats why I feel I being fair emailing first and seeing the response of Pointins.

The next day the trampoline park opened for approx. An hour, although they had to close laser tag to man it.

We went to Bingo Saturday night and I asked 2 club bar staff what time eyes down? Both said they did not know as the Blue coats were clicky and did not speak to the bar staff.

The Queen Victoria was shut most times!

There are a few simple things as well that could be easily managed – such as taking down old banners advertising past events, Laminating signs so that the paper isn’t messy etc.

Well done for Roxanne – she was fab!

I think the reason I feel so upset about it all as you have some great staff – but are not been giving the tools and equipment etc. They are being set up for failure!

I shall look forward to your response. Believe me – I more than anyone would love Pointins to be back to its best.

Kind regards,

Eve Burke


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Helen Milton
Just dreadful...
5 years 10 months ago
This is, without doubt, the WORST holiday I have ever been on. After a 5 hour long journey to get to Camber Sands (beautiful location), only to have to wait almost 30 minutes to get the key for the 'apartment' was depressing. I thought I’d feel better once I’d gotten inside so I could relax a bit... I was in tears literally within 1 hour of being there.

There were 3 heaters for the entire 2-Bedroom apartment, the place stink of paint, we had plasic chairs at the dinner table, no toaster like we had been promised. The bed linen was all stained, and the duvet was so thin that using 2 of them and being fully clothed barely helped you keep warm, even with the heaters on.

The TV in the Living Room area has a terrible signal, no matter how much you assist the aerial, which disappointed my daughter as she loves having background noise while eating breakfast. The food was standard, although we did manage to find a Fish & Chip shop nearby that WASN'T run by Pontins. Haven't had any negative experiences with Staff either.

But all-in-all, the holiday from Hell. Avoid this place like the plague.
Mrs Pat Davis
Fantastic complex
6 years 11 months ago
Pontins Camber Sands, East Sussex. We spent 5 days here and loved every minute, although well worn carpets and beds, bedding and towels were spotless. The toilet, shower and cupboards were very clean.

There was a good variety of food. I enjoyed all I chose. The staff were amazing considering the long hours they work, nothing was too much trouble. The entertainment I enjoyed very much.
Never agian, dirty, grubby, discusting
7 years ago
My mum and I took my daughters aged 10 & 8 to Camber Sands for a 3 day break. On entering the site we saw immediately that it was very shabby and in serious need of an up-date. When we were able to enter the chalet I could and should of walked straight out. A large tear in the carpet, everywhere dirty and grubby. The toilet had not even been flushed! A ring around the bath had me putting on rubber gloves and using a whole pack of cleaning wipes before I would allow my daughters to touch anything.

During our stay I witnessed other chalets being cleaned by what can only be described as casual non uniformed labour. We ate in the restaurant just once. Luke warm chicken, soggy chips and very baked up beans! Would I go back? ABSOLUTELY not. The only saving grace to this abysmal short break was the lovely beach.
The Barmy Army
Disgusting and dirty
7 years 2 months ago
I seriously do not know how anybody could possibly leave a good review about this place, absolutely grim!

We booked for a week (Mon-Fri) and as soon as we arrived I wanted to leave again! Just from the look of the place, peeling paint, woodwork falling apart, grimy walls, bird droppings everywhere.

On entering reception we were greeted by a unhelpful teenage receptionist who barely spoke let alone helped anyone.

We were all herded into the 'entertainment room' for check in upon which we found a small bouncy castle for the children which had no safety mats or proper safety precautions whatsoever.

After checking in and finding our apartment we found that it was mouldy and dusty. There wasn't enough cutlery or dishes, the shower was leaking and mouldy as were the curtains and the beds were ripped and coated in dust. The apartment was fairly spacious and we didn't have noisy neighbours.

The entertainment was not as advertised; one of the reasons we chose Pontins was the fact that Scooby Doo live shows were advertised instead we got some cheap looking crocodile instead - our little ones were very dissapointed.

The website advertises 70 different activities,you'll be lucky to see 3! The parks were full of litter and the kids indoor play area was falling apart and the equipment was held together with duct tape. Not impressed!!

The swimming pool was vile and the changing room curtains were mouldy and disgusting and in the main pool room was a floor buffer in the corner.

The on-site cafe was horrible, sticky floors, dirty tables, unhelpful staff and vomit inducing food!

The bluecoats were enthusiastic.

Do not go here if you are looking for a fun family holiday as you will be sorely dissapointed and if your not dissapointed then you will be thoroughly disgusted!
8 years 10 months ago
just got back today from pontins cambersands and the accomodation was awful. Damp, gruby and in real need of up dating (and we upgraded from budget to classic).
We ate in the resteraunt and that was over priced and
and seemed to have been re-heated a few times, horrible.
The actual location was not too bad, at least we could drive some where for the day, as we could not stay in the
holiday park for the whole day, too depressing.
Staff seemed ok.
There seemed to be lots of activities for children, plus the usual blue coats in the evening.

We would never go back again, not even if they paid us.

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David Thomas
8 years 11 months ago
I went to Pontins in Camber Sands after viewing the advert in the Sun Newspaper.

What a Nightmare, the apartments are fit for Rats! Filthy I only stayed for the Kids it was Six Weeks Holiday but I made a big mistake.
There was Mouse traps in our apartment the apartment smelt awful everywhere was dirty, the Bed springs caused my whole body to hurt the first night and I got feasted on by Bed Bugs the second night and came out with legions all over my body the third night i stayed awake all night this is the worst Holiday of my life.

Please do not go there

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Louise B
9 years ago
well after reading countless bad reviews i was in all honestly regretting booking the holiday however i was very pleasently suprised we had a large apartment we booked the classic accom option instead of budget. the apartment was very clean all our neighbours very friendly our kids made friends with all the other kids. we had a seagull which we named dave visit us every day lol. but in all seriousness if you are expecting the ritz or 5* accom then go elsewhere but if you are looking for fab value for money and a clean base where you eat shower and sleep then this is the place for you the entertainment is fantastic the bluecoats work their socks off. would i go back you bet cant wait to book again!!!!!!

Travel operator: pontins

9 years 2 months ago
Spent May Bank Holiday weekend here for a football tournament. Being part of a group of nearly 40 lads, mums and dads probably helped - as did winning the tournament - but we had a great time.
OK it's a bit basic and is long overdue a makeover but it was clean enough and all of the staff were friendly and helpful and seemed to enjoy their job.
I was expecting sky high prices in the bars and shops but was pleasantly surprised to pay a similar amount for a pint and a bag of groceries that I do at home, which is how it should be. The surrounding area of Camber and Rye is beautiful too if you fancy a wander.
As with any holiday, it's what you make it, but I wouldn't spend a fortnight there!

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