Image of Hôtel Eden Andalou Aquapark & Spa

Hôtel Eden Andalou Aquapark & Spa

13 of 14 hotels in Marrakesh

2 out of 5 from 2 reviews
5 stars
Km 4, Route d'Amezmiz, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco
Featuring 3 outdoor swimming pools in the Andalusian-style gardens and a 1600 m² spa is this environmentally-friendly hotel. It is 6.2 miles from Marrakech Airport and offers views of the Atlas Mountains.

2 Reviews

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love holidays are liers and conniving to make thier money
4 years 8 months ago
Love holidays are conniving people and liers, dont tell them your complain straight away as they will look for an answer to back them self up. i booked a honeymoon holiday2 month in advance and 2 weeks before i emailed my holiday to see if i can arrange a transport from them, i immedietely got an email back from them to saying that their hotel has been closed down due to refurb since dec 2018 and wont open till 2019 some day. they also told me that my travel agent (Love holiday) should have told me about it and to contact them immediately, as i called and told my provider, they tried giving me a hotel saying it use to be a 4 star and now its a 5 star..... what a full of cr*p cos it looked horrible and nothing compare to the one i booked which was much better, i gave them 3 options of hotels in which they declined and they gave me 3 options which i declined because it looks horrible and it was only 3 and 4 stars. it came to an end where they told me to take anything or they will cancel it and refund me everything which means i was under al ot of pressure so i took whichever one i saw that looks the best. i confirmed it that is all inclusive with double bed n so on.

as i got to the hotel at 10.20ish in the morning, our room wasn't ready and was told to come back at 12pm, they took our luggage and dumped in near the toilet with other peoples luggage., me and my wife ate and came back at 12 and then we was told to come back at 3pm because our room is not ready, love holiday before i booked it confirmed with me that everything will be ready by the time i get their. we asked them if we can have a room for 5mins so that my wife can change as we have a activity soon, they told my wife to go to the toilet and change, i called up love holiday immedieltly and complained and they could not do anything back, they took my complained and log it.

6pm we came back from our 1st activity and our luggage is still dumped near the toilet. we get our room key and off to the room, now as i entered i see 2 single bed and not a double bed as i was promised from love holiday, the bathroom itself was dirty and looked like broken or burnt like a cigarette burnt. during the clean up by the room service, they didst replace the towels, i came at night at 10.50pm from my second activity and told them i need 2 towels and they said they will send someone up to check....yes to check and not to send someone up with the towels. waited til 1am and no one had come, me and my wife fell asleep, i woke up in the morning and told them again that i requested a towel and no one gave any, they said they will send some one to our room, now its 1pm and i asked them again, as i went up and i saw a cleaner in which i told them i need a towel now because I dont have it, he checked and gave it.

Now i came back to London and i logged on to my email as i didn't have any data package, i see a email from love holiday, without helping to telling me anything, they emailed me back saying that they cant do nothing and it was the hotels policy bla bla bla and that i can not make a complain and the case is closed. these love holiday is a right mug and a scam, they ruined my holiday and my hotel was worse then what i can imagine. no apology and too late for one now, AVOID booking through them liers, false promises and they will ruin your holiday just so that they can make their money.

Travel operator: love holiday

Clean, Staff nice but food was terrible!
6 years 7 months ago
Just been to Eden Andelou for seen nights, and here’s our take:
AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE GET READY TO BE ‘MUGGED’ FOR ‘’LOCAL TAXES’’, WE WERE ‘HIT’ FOR £48. And this is what they will say to you, ‘everybody has to pay this, go to your travel agents and ask them why they didn’t tell you.’

It’s a Morrocan five star establishment, but here’s our rating.

One Star – Staff are absolutely great, but expect to get a superior service with a quick tip of 20 Morrocan Durams to grease the wheels.

One Star – the room was always cleaned, towels provided but the bath sometimes had a ‘yellowish’ water which went after a few minutes running.

Half a Star – pools were great for kids, as cold water didn’t seem to get in the way of fun. However, the Animation team and grown adults were to be seen almost every day picking people up and throwing them in the pool. The Aqua Park you have to pay for drinks and food, and can only enter from 11am till 6pm.
The Animation team were OK, but must admit that one of them (tall African gent) went a bit too far pretending to fornicate with a lie-lo in front of children and whoever was watching. Sorry , but this kind of thing should not be happening with children present.

(Pease don’t be fooled about the spa and pool, this is not included in your package. You will have to pay extra)

NO STARS – the food was very hap-hazard, chicken with cinnamon, beef soaked in a sugary sauce. I will go as far as to say, it was good food wasted. On pointing out to one of the management staff about the amount of birds and flies in the restaurant, they told us that in Morocco they are sacred birds and they can’t kill them.
We didn’t ask them to kill the birds, but put preventive measures in place to stop them getting in. A bird will basically have a crap anywhere it feels, and daily at every course the birds were going on the food; the manager was there every meal and was blind to it.

There are nothing like steak, burgers, poppin chicken, chicken nougats etc And when you go into your local superstore at home, you can get Morrocan Houmas with the seeds and pesto. Well, forget it here, we never seen any houmous, guacamole, coleslaw, flat breads, yogurt sauce, chilli sauce or mint sauce.
Look forward to enjoying BONE tagine, which will not be lamb but 2/3rds bones and the rest being fat and a bit of meat. Fried fish with bones every two nights, sweet chicken (caked in sugar), no food apart from fries and pizza margarita for kids.

No mid-morning snacks like burgers, hot dogs, ice cream for the kids or adults, as you would have expected from a European three star all-inclusive hotel.
We made some really good friends with British-Asian couples with families, and I will tell you now they hated the stay here. Apart from one day of Indian vegetables, curried potatoes, there was lentils (often half-cooked), steamed mixed vegetables and salad. Forget pilau rice, samosas, chicken pieces, lamb chops, which they expected as they were told from last year they cater for all communities.

Would I recommend this hotel, not if you are looking to have good food or be entertained on a night. The night time basically sucked, usual kids doing the hockey-kokey etc and the rest wouldn’t make it onto the stage of one of our local Working Mens Club.

I must end by shocking you with some of the prices at the hotels shop, before you think this is a typo error, let me tell you it is exactly what you are about to read.

How much would you pay for a big bag of crisps? Well a pound or a bit seems fair...OK? Be prepared to pay TEN POUNDS, and I remind you again this is no typo error.

And if you just can't stomach the lager they serve you, and fancy a little tin of Casablanca beer kept behind a locked fridge. The size of the tin is the little ones they serve on the plane, but even Ryanair wouldn't have the cheek to ask FIVE POUNDS. I kid you not, it is 60 Moroc Durhams.

Finally, this place is not cheaper than Spain, Canaries, France or UK holidays. And they claim to be five star, and most of the fantastic reviews I read on TripAdvisor are by first person posting. This tells me one thing, it's the hotel that's building up that reviews, as they use pictures from their own cameraman. Have you ever gone on holiday and took pictures of other guests, and the pictures of meals, aqua parks etc. We don't either. But one thing if you have already booked this place, or think I'm just talking rubbish and going ahead anyway, then keep an eye on the photographer. He takes pictures of children WITHOUT your permission. One single mum asked him to remove pictures of her daughter, and he said he cannot do it as it is the property oft he hotel. She got absolutely no where taking to the manager, let's face it, that man is blind to the birds defecating n the dining room and the hundreds of flies.

Travel operator: easyjet

Hotel tip: The best tip I can give you, don't go here go to a civilised countries hotel where you will be fed, as we all need to eat.

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