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Hi Boots

We stayed at the Atlantis Palace hotel in early April this year - see my review in the hotel section (sorry don't know how to do the link :roll: ). Don't think the Suite Hotel is one and the same, have a look at their web site:

The Atlantis Palace Hotel is a great hotel for early season, good quality accommodation and food and central for shops, bars, etc..

Would highly recommend for a 'special' stay

Carol :wink:
thanks for info,yes they are different hotels i think the suite hotel maybe
mostly german :?: atlantis palace it is then,reviews are great and it looks wonderfull :)
Hope you have a great time, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Carol :wink:
My mum & dad have just returned fro the Atlantis Palace and said they thoroughly enjoyed it. Great selection of food and excellent facilities.They haven't stopped raving about since they got home.

Jack :)
Wasn't too struck on Corralejo, or Fuerte for that matter, but the Atlantis Palace is a superb hotel and remains one of our favourites in the Canaries.
thanks for replys,just a bit worried there wont be enough for kids to do in evening :?: they love watching shows and mini disco :oops:
Our two were aged 3 & 5 when we went and I remember they really enjoyed the evening entertainment. Mini disco followed by a show about an hour later. Shows were the usual fayre, ie. magicians, acrobats, flamenco, parrots etc.

One other thing, the family rooms (sleeping 2 adults and 2 children) were a really good size.
Friends of mine were there in December last year with their 6year old and 3 year old and the entertainment was fab, their was kiddies discos etc. every night - they said it was one of the best hotels for childrens entertainment they ever stayed in and they do 4 holidays a year. They are booked to return next march
thank you so much for info :) i am exhausted from spending so much time on net looking up hotels.can i ask one more question :roll: did you find it very windy in that area,i went to costa tequsie once in lanza,couldnt even read a book and that was in august
If you're on the beach or in town you will certainly notice the breeze (Fuerteventura translates as strong wind), but as I remember, the pool and terrace area at the Atlantis Palace is entirely enclosed by the building structure so you sort of have your own calm oasis.

I keep remembering things about this hotel, the food was really great, the steaks/meats in particular and the restaurant was very pleasant, particularly the outdoor garden courtyard area which was a really nice place to eat. All in all a really great hotel.

I went to Fuert a few years ago, in a February.

We found a lovely beach, can't remember where but it was near a lighthouse and was very quiet.
We had to leave after less than an hour, the wind was so strong we were literally being sand blasted, the sand was being blown in our eyes, ears, mouths and up our noses and it hurt :?
thanks for info/luckily we are not really beach lovers much rather be around a nice pool :D
we have just changed our holiday from Kos to fuerteventura..............
we go 19 july, and are staying at the suites hotel atlantis fuerteventura resort

can anyone give me an outline of trips that you can do on the island?

what the weather will really be like in july?

and have you been or seen this hotel?

Can anyone tell me the extent of the building work next to the hotel. I'm due to travel there on the 17th March and have concerns as I'm travellign with my young baby.

Click Here For our reviews of this hotel. Last review was posted by someone who stayed here in Dec 2006.

If you Click Here you should hopefully, be able to access the hotels email address and send your enquiry direct to them.

If the above link doesn't work try Clicking Here and work your way through to the Suite hotel Atlantis.
Thanks Glynis, already read the reports and contacted the hotel but no reply yet.

Thomas cook rate it as moderate disturbance, mostly around the main pool area. Even mentioned DUST!

Let you know if the hotel get back to me.
Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm going here on Wednesday, having changed from the crappy Aloe Club!!!! :(

The travel agent I booked this with has mentioned NOTHING and I will be so angry if it interferes with my holiday.

I will let you know when I get back next week if there is anything.

Catherine xxx
I do hope all is ok, I am really looking forward to it!!! I was told that there is a rating of moderate visibility around the main pool.

Please let me know - I do hope you have an enjoyable time.
Hi Redjammy,
i am going on the 28th March 2007 staying in the Atlantis Palace

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