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Hi Folks,

I have now input a review on this hotel which includes info on the building works.

You can read it here.

Catherine xxx
Thank you! :tup

Pippy :D
when we went last july thomas cook were giving customers the option of changing there bookings..........

we did see about 8 cranes , mostley up by the top pool, but the did not interfere with our holiday at all.......

i think its a new hotel and a tennis acadamy they are building, we always used the top pool, and the kids actually loved seeing what the cranes were moving, but even the cranes were quiet.
I was told it was a new shopping centre, and there are posters all over the airport for it. It definitely looked like it could be the same place :?:
Hi been to the Atlantis Palace 3 times really good 4* hotel right in the centre of Corralejo. Corralejo is very small and quiet.Food in hotel is superb and the beach is just across the road.

Why have the Atlantis Palace Hotel & Alantis Suite Hotel topics been lumped together? They're not in the same location so it could seem a bit confusing to others. I'm unsure if they're even owned by the same people anymore as it doesn't appear on the Atlantis groups website.

It just seems a bit daft to have them together, I mean you wouldn't lump in the Kempinski Bahia Real, which is part of the same chain and nearer to the suite hotel than the palace.



I don't know Catherine, not guilty! I'll ask the other mods if they know who/why :wink:
Do you know for sure that two topics have been merged? I notice it was started as a topic about both hotels.
Ok, I don't think anyone's merged topics as this was a topic regarding both hotels to start with but I've sorted out the problem if they have.

To prevent any confusion I've topped the topics for each hotel.

For posts/info regarding the Atlantis Palace Hotel, please use THIS topic.

For posts/info regarding the Suite-Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort, please use THIS topic.

Pippy :D
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