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hey, when i lived in marmaris i got my fan from kipa (tesco) which is in armutalan area. when my family came to visit, we gave them one of our fans however the apartments dont allow this for obvious reasons (money!) and had a word with my hubby, eventually it was agreed they could use it for half the cost of what air con would cost them but thats only cos my hubby is a stubborn turk n wasnt letting it go..... the thing is, if you took it and tried to use it, remmeber the maids are in n out cleaning the rooms so you would get caught. depending when you are going (month) it might not be too hot at night and if you left windows, doors etc open that would let in a breeze. i dont get the luxury of air con these days as turks dont seem to like it, says it makes them cold lol, but also hubby grudges paying it, but it isnt so bad if like i say keep open windows, sleep without cover etc!x
Thankyou for the reply ... guess it wont solve the problem by buying one... im not being a skinflint lol.. i just dont remember ever paying that much before, im going on the 20th of this month, and looking at weather forecasts its looking pretty hot over there! oh well il either have to pay it or suffer! :think
We took small desktop fans last year and had no problems at all, guess it just depends on where you are staying.....failing that you could always unplug it & put it in wardrobe when you're not in the room :tup
aam, I'm not sure about Turks not like a/c my husband loves it, he has it on so cold I have to put a blanket on the bed! he wont stay anywhere that doesn't have a/c

You could always buy a fan and hide it in the wardrobe mitchellclr, I have known people to do that before. They are very cheap in the big supermarkets.
yes i might do that... i think i will pay for the A/C for the 1st few days, and maybe get one if we see them cheap enough, will see how the money situation goes, i dont ever remember paying that much on my last visit, maybe i was just so frazzled by the journey to have realised.. some one did tell me that £70 for a fortnight was actually pretty cheap! :que
if you do but a fan definitely hide it! most places, if they sell AI, have signs up saying fans will be confiscated if they are found in your room! we've never bothered though - we've always had windows and doors open which causes nice breezes and cools us down - its not that we are tight, we just can't stand AI!!
aahh just remembered - your staying at the Maric aren't you michelle!! thats where we stay and am again on 1 august :D

they most definitely do have signs up about fans being removed!

you have to walk past reception and past the restaurant bit to get into the apartments so if you do buy a fan, make sure its 'hidden' and disguised because if they see you walking in with one they might say something x

and when you leave the room hide it in your suitcase!! lol x
thankyou... well in that case i deffinatley wont be buying a fan, i think i will just pay for the A.C but i will see if i can cope without out it to start off with..

clare x
sorry for calling you michelle clare - dunno where that came from :rofl

we had a first room floor overlooking the pool and it had windows front and back so caused a really nice breeze all through the room so hopefully that will be OK for you x
oh well that would be ok... yes as long as a breeze comes through i can manage that! ;)
a lot of people call me michelle on here lol...

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