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I am flying with Eva Airways to Bangkok on an Economy Flight.

Has anyone flown with this airline recently, what are the planes like etc (leg room, entertainment, food)? x
Hi Cazzacap - we flew with Eva to Bangkok in March, we upgraded into elite class which we thought was value for money. The food and loads of snacks were great and everyone had seat back tv's with good entertainment, will use again as it's a direct flight.
Was the tv's for the ecomony class too or just elite? how much did you pay to upgrade? what was the difference? thanks x
Hi cazacap, can't really remember as we had 3 flights - Man - Htr- bkk - koh samui. Economy looked ok to me. We had more leg room, quilts pillows , slippers, the seats had a good tilt on them - we were more than happy. Your TA will give you a price. Have a look on Eva website and you'll get an idea. Cheers
Thanks you oap!!!

I will have a look at the website! x
Travelling with Eva tomorrow, can anyone tell me if they supply earphones in economy.

Also, do you have to pay for drinks on the plane, last year with Thai we didn't have to.
Always had headphones and drink included when I've used them. They're a scheduled airline so I would expect these extras to be included.
i don't know if there is a thread already for this..but has anyone heard of these people?

We are now flying to Thailand with them from heathrow on 4th march. i think they are a chinese airline??

Any info about them, the flight, the plane etc would be great. We have also been told they will charge us £37 per kilo for anyy excess dive gear we want to book in..nothing for having a padi card....worse than Emirates.....

thanks muchly..

EVA Airlines are quite a big airline based in the far east. We have a small thread regarding EVA Airlines here. You'll find lots of information on EVA's website with seating plans here. They operate a fleet of Boeing 777-300/ER and 747-400 on long haul sectors. Which aircraft depends on the flight you are on (most are 747's). You'll find customer reviews on Car Survey (flights) and Airline Quality. Most schedule airline don't give diver concessions these days and £35 per kg on long haul flights is about standard now.

thanks Darren. i have been on the website and had a look around.
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They're a Taiwanese airline, I've flown with them a couple of times to Bangkok and they've been fine.
We have had 12 week invoice etc for our LHR-BKK flight and holiday. My OH's mum has confirmed that our plane will be a 777, does this mean we will get the IFE after all? Also how reliable will this info be? she can book seats now but surely aircraft types are subject to change so far from the departire date (10th Oct) I have never been on a flight with seatback IFE, do you get to chose the films/programmes or is it just like the overhead screen but in the back of your seat? (if you know what I mean!)
Thanks :tup
ooooo :pele Thanks Nivsy I am even more excited now- thats really going to make a difference to the flight!
not long now....3 weeks until we fly! :sun2 Is there a listing anywhere of the films that will be shown on the IFE during the LHR-BKK flight? I need something to help me look forward to the flight! (Iam not a fan of long haul!)
Also are EVA definately using the 777 for this route now, people are still telling me it will be the older style 747's without the personal entertainment??

Thanks :)
Stace, Pop into the link I provided you in an earlier post - or follow this link (if it works) go into timetable - enter your departure date and return - move mouse over the yellow i sign (it will show aircraft type) and at the bottom of the screen will show a link for movies etc.

Thanks again Nivsy I couldnt find that info when I first looked on the website. The link to sky cinema at the bottom of the page didnt work but I managed to find the films they
are showing now which seem really good so hopefully in 3 weeks they will be the same/similar. Its made me look forward to the flight a little bit now. :tup
Which type of plane operates LHR to BKK? Does anyone know what the seat configuration is?
Mobor One,

Do you know which flight number? Is it the BR67/8 you're looking at? It's normally a Boeing 777-300/ER. Cabin information is on Eva's website.

My daughter is flying heathrow to bangkok with eva air, does she need to enter api info online? can't see anywhere for this on the website - she booked through sta travel.

any info much appreciated


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