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Varies between airlines, but I seem to recall some being released around October last year;that said, they seem to be getting earlier and earlier each year.
It may be an idea to sign up for e-mail alerts, but don't sit back and relax once you've done so as, in my experience, they don't always bother to let you know even then !! :?
Thanks Sagres, I've already signed up for the Easyjet newsletter and Thomsonfly.

According to the Easyjet website it's usuall 2/3 months before the end of the current schedule i.e. Winter 2007 which according to them ends Feb 08. Will just keep checking though given what you said about the emails :roll:
Im also waiting for next years jet2 flights to be released. I booked mine last october for this june so im expecting around the same time again.
Out of curiosity how much was the flight to Faro last year?
Flymonarch and Thomsonfly both have next Summers flights available to book now.
For a return trip from Blackpool to Faro with jet2 in June it was £102 including airport taxes per person. So thats just over £50 each way which we thought was really good!
we managed to get our flights when they came out last year, 5 of us from Bournemouth to Faro was £352, very good.

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