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If you just make sure the handle is not extended, if that's what is required to keep you within the maximum dimensions permitted, then I don't see any problem.

David :wave
Is it only medication in liquid form which needs to be in a clear, plastic bag if carried in hand luggage?
I'm currently taking pain-killers and an anti-inflammatory (both in tablet form) and will need both on the flight.
Yes Pippy ... only liquids and liquid related products should be placed in the clear plastic bag for closer inspection. Medication in tablet form should be carried in hand luggage as normal.

David :wave
Thanks David :tup

I've just (today!) bought a sturdy plastic bag for this very purpose! Ah well, I'm sure I'll find a use for it!

Pippy :D
Please note that the current hand luggage restrictions outlined in this topic may now be revised following the upgrading of the national terrorism threat level to 'critical'. Meanwhile, travellers should stick rigidly to current restrictions until further information is made available.

Thanks David,
thought I'd check out this thread for my son following the recent terrorism threat.
Do you have any more info. My son travels to Tenerife from Cardiff on Friday and was wondering whether there's anything he needs to be aware of.
There is nothing new as yet in relation to hand luggage restrictions, Shirley. The restrictions outlined in this thread still apply for the moment, but are perhaps now being enforced more rigidly.

(Immediate changes at some airports include restrictions on vehicle movements and passenger drop-offs, with BAA advising that where possible, passengers use public transport to and from local airports. More information on that HERE, as and when available).

Hi Karen ... Security may or may not ask to screen it separately, but other than that it should be okay.

David :wave
are you allowed to have them on?
the laptop also has the internet built in so it'll start sending signals trying to get the internet working?

and it will probs take time to turn off if the seatbelt sign comes on all of a sudden and im in the middle of a film or something

i was also wondering... has anyone had trouble with gettin them through secruity? like they've said you cant take it on the aircraft as hand luggage?

aaand one more question... can you only take the laptop... and thats the thing that counts as your 1 hand luggage?
Hi Jay ... you are only allowed one piece of hand luggage. You could take the laptop case as that one piece of hand luggage, or you could fit the laptop case within a larger piece of hand luggage if you wanted to carry additional items, providing that you do not exceed the maximum dimensions allowed by your airline or airport. The laptop may have to be removed for separate screening at the security checks. I haven't heard of anyone being refused permission to carry a laptop.

For more on current hand luggage restrictions, please check out page 1 of this topic.

As for whether the laptop may be switched on in flight, that may be a question for the airline concerned, but specified electronic equipment is usually permitted for use except during take off and landing.

David :wave

You can use your laptop during the flight but it must be WIFI DISABLED.
Kids use ours for listening to their music, watching DVDs, playing games etc.
You must disable your wireless LAN connection on your laptop for use on the flight. If you're not sure how to do this, PM me and I'll explain. My son uses his PSP on the plane and disables the wireless on that too.
As for only having one piece of hand luggage - get a laptop bag with lots of pockets and you'll be able to pop your other stuff - tickets, money, passports, small camera etc in the pockets of the bag :wink:
Just seen this thread - I was hoping to take some sandwiches for myself and youngest son. I can't eat before we take off - nerves I think.
Anyone come up against any problems?
Thanks Irene.
Irene ... you shouldn't have any problems as long as you are careful with your choice of fillings. Anything other than solid foodstuffs could result in confiscation. If fillings or additives such as jams, sauces, mayonnaise, etc are really essential, then you should place them in small containers within your 'liquids' plastic bag where the contents can be verified if necessary, and then add them to your sandwiches after security checks.

David :wave
Hi David,
Thanks for the reply.
It is going to be hard trying to choose a filling that could be classed as 'liquid' based :roll:
I will just have to hope that Boots have some sandwiches that are suitable airside. Been a veggie makes the choice limited but that is my problem.
The BAA Website states that sandwiches with any type of filling are allowed on board.
I have bought sandwiches airside on numerous occasions over the past eight months and they usually have mayonaise or butter spread on them and I haven't had problems up to now. What is prohibited is anything of a liquid consistency and as Irene stated there aren't many sandwiches that could be classed as liquid based.
I am also a veggie and have usually found a choice, usually egg, cheese or salad. You can make your own of course.
  • Edited by Judith 2007-07-22 10:59:56
Bear in mind Judith that not all airports are BAA controlled, other airports in this country and elsewhere in the EU may implement more strict measures with foodstuffs taken through security. However, foodstuffs bought airside are not subject to any restrictions, as passengers have already passed through security before making those purchases.

Although it doesn't always suit everyone's tastes or budgets, I personally would prefer to buy any in-flight snacks airside at the moment in order to avoid these security issues, rather than take my own food or buy anything landside which may need examined by security.

Apart from the issue of choosing contents or fillings carefully, you also have to consider the problem of hygiene. All hand luggage contents are subject to electronic screening and possibly closer manual inspection. You have to bear in mind that with manual inspection, the security officer may have physically handled the contents of hundreds of bags before taking a closer look at your sandwiches. Even indirect or inadvertant contact, such as with the sandwich wrappings, has the potential to cause contamination. It's a not a very nice thought, but would you wrap your sandwiches in someone else's dirty underwear ? Depending on where the security officer's hands have been prior to inspecting the contents of your baggage, the consequences could be the same.

The choice may be more restricted and the prices slightly higher, but I would much prefer to buy airside after security checks.

David :wave
The choice may be more restricted and the prices slightly higher, but I would much prefer to buy airside after security checks

Totally agree David! You're on holiday after all, you've spent all year watching the pennies to pay for the holiday, and as far as I'm concerned, once I've arrived at the airport my holiday has begun anyway - I always allow a little extra cash in my purse to buy bits and bobs at the airport, and as I've said before, the sweets/crisps/drinks in WHSmith and sandwiches in Boots (especially meal deals) cost no more at the the airport than on the high street.
Some liquids are allowed through airport security check points. There are however, restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through:

Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids, but only within separate containers each of which with a capacity not greater than 100ml.

These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag (about the size of a small freezer bag), which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag sealed. Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids.

The bag must be presented separately for examination at the airport security point.

I've started my packing and would just like someone to clarify whether or not all of the above still applies please.

I was planning/hoping to carry some bottles of suncream in my hand luggage due to the weight of my hold luggage but presumably that won't be possible as they're all in bottles of at least 250ml size.

Are mirrors permitted in hand luggage?


Pippy :D
Hi Pippy ... the hand luggage restrictions outlined on page 1 of this topic are still valid. Your 250mls bottles will not be allowed, unless you buy them in airside shops after the security checks. The mirror should be allowed okay.

David :wave

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