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, i know how you feel , i put a cosmic blue on my daughters hair and then rubbed what was on the gloves through my own hair , and :yikes it was awful , i was thinking it would be more like ablue rinse that ladies of a certain age have ........... anyway i went to my local chemist and bought a stripper for my hair cost £10 and was well worth it , i was back to my original colour , sorry but i cant remember the name of it will ask tomorrow for you tho............ good luck
Presuming you had it done at a hairdressers I would go back and ask them to fix it. It will probably lighten a bit in the sun as well.
Thanks Llindy, that would be great.

It was a hairdresser that did it for me but as a homer. I spoke to her again and she said she wouldn't be able to lighten it as it wouldn't cover. Basically got told to go on holiday, put up with it and the sun would lighten it and if i'm still not happy to go back after my holiday. The whole reason i got it done was so it looked nice for my holiday :cry

Have been looking at Scott Cornwall colour B4. Just worried incase i make it worse though lol!
Daisy....just remembered , i still have the after treatment buffer ............ and the product is called colour B4 .....similar procedure to dying hair , you apply the lotion leave it for 20minutes (for arguments sake) then rinse hair and apply the after treatment buffer which is like a conditioner ......... must speak as i find and it worked for me took me straight back to my natural colour , i had no side effects like some people do with dyes , look at i think they do it in two different strenghts .......for dark and another for light hair
daisy - have you tried putting on a permanent "light brown" shade. I don't think there's bleaching agents in that colour, but it should lighten it a bit.
there is a colour stripper called B4, maybe same thing........tesco sell it for about £8

boots and superdrug also sell it for under £14......

my daughter is just in tesco buying one, as she doesnt like her colour either.....

will post tomorrow as too how well its worked if that helps
go to a different hairdressers, perhaps they can put a few lighter highlights in --- i have had so many disasters with those stripping agents its not worth it. it costs more in the long run.

hair went orange after having my youngest cos i bought the wrong thing, i stripped all the colour out. so had to have ash blonde and blonde highlights to try and cover the orange, and still had orange for a few months till it grew out.

I changed from having my hair done at home just recently because the woman just didnt have the facilities, only one choice of highlights etc.

The sun will lighten your hair definitely or if going to Turkey they have hairdressers every other shop and some people say they're reasonable prices.

Good luck with it
Thanks for all your replies. I bought colour b4 yesterday and after that bumped into 3 people I know. Guess what each one said . . . . Oooh I really like your hair! Now I don't know what to do with it. K&R that would be great if you let me know how it works. :)
hi daisy....

daughter got it in the end from savers for £7 :rofl

she put it on, and it smelt strong, like when you have your hair permed.......but says its contains no ammonia, peroxide ect.......

she had been dark red, then put a mid brown over it and gone to dark........she used the stripper and its gone sort of light browny/ginger......more her own colour, she is happy with it, so hopefully she will stay happy.....

have a back up plan incase you do it, and dont like the colour......
Hi Daisy. My hairdresser told me to use Vosene.
I would just wash it every day - it will lighten considerably in the sun. For that reason I never get my hair done before holidays unless I happen to be going lighter.

Often when I first get my hair coloured mainly 'chocolate brown' it looks almost black to me. I think it just takes a bit of getting used to and to others it won't look as dark as you think. You have had compliments so I would leave it.

To lighten it will require some sort of chemical intervention and I personally wouldn't risk anything other than maybe having some highlights done.
have heard that vosene is good for striping perms , so maybe it would do the same on the hair colour
I once had this happen to me and I just washed my hair with diluted biological soap powder a few times and the colour lightened.
By the time I came back from holiday the colour was almost gone as the sun lightened it. :sun2
go to different hairdresser and ask their advice, def don't go back to the one who wouldn't help you out, most hairdressers want to keep their reputation not lose it. i have a lovely girl who does mine at home and if i was not happy she would try and help as much as she could. :wave: xphx
daisy did you manage to get your hair sorted? xphx :que
A while ago I was having this discussion with my hairdresser. She said shampoos such as Timotei are good at removing some dye from hair. It probably won't shift all of it but it will tone it down.
Vosene is supposed to be very good for stripping hair colour :)
Yep agree with the chlorine tip. Worked a treat for me also good at removing streaky fake tans

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