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Hi everyone, our holiday is getting closer, getting excited now, even if it is stilll 4 months away. We are staying at the Kuban, but our parents have decided to give Bulgaria a try and have booked up for the Alba in August. Has anyone stayed at either hotel who can give us a review.
Thanks in advance. :cheers
Hi galacticos,

There are reviews, from the past few years, of both in the hotel section in case nobody has been more recently:


Hi. Its years since I was in the Kuban and never been in the Alba, Im afraid. Both hotels are in the centre and more or less next door to each other.
Kuban has had a bit of money spent on it in recent years.
I dont know what the rooms are like, never stayed. But the new bar area at the front is very plush, but VERY noisy. Good music, but its competing with noise from across the square. They've followed the trend, and have dancers up on the bar every night as well. Wee bit pricey to drink in all night, but o.k for a cocktail, or better still try sharing one of their big pipes...............alcohol bubbling away where the water usually goes :rofl

You wont get a lot of peace and quiet, but it is the central landmark in SB, so you wont get lost.
Handy for local buses if you want out to somewhere a wee bit quieter.
Try jumping on a bus up the road to St Vlas at night if you want a quieter place to eat, only takes 10 minutes, and cost 1lev last year.

Its handy for a lot of the places that get good reviews on here as well, like Djannys for dinner, then back to Tonys karaoke for a song.
Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks Joe, we were advised to request a room on 14th floor or above, firstly for the views, but also because of the noise from the bars, so hopefully that will help, our request has been accepted. We aint too fussed about the room, as long as its clean and comfortable. Really looking forward to it, and revisiting some of the places from our first holiday there
Jen xx

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