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Hiya Derwentrocker :wave
I can't help you with this one but Fiona has recently returned from Vegas so she maybe able to help 👍
I have been 3 times but always to the same hotel. Its actually not far off from where you stayed before
Platinum hotel
Its off the strip- about 10 mins walk. It didn't used to have a resort fee but it does now- about 25 dollars per room per night. However, it does do a wine hour( which is actually an hour and a half) for free- help yourself to it. Nice wine as well. A real bonus is Ellis Island 2 mins away. Good food and brilliant prices for drinks and a fun bar with locals doing karaoke. It doesn't have a casino- which is bliss.
Your suite has a full kitchen- which might appeal to you.
Who to book with? In short, there is no right answer. 3 times there and booked through 3 different places( including direct with hotel) You just have to go through the options. I have never booked flight and hotel combinations as we use airmiles. However, some of the combinations are not for hotels I would pick. Too far away from things and you would end up paying for taxis at night. If you are researching those packages, I can let you know how handy the hotels are, if I can.

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