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Please note that several members this last season reported cases of malaria in Goa- not just to locals.
You MUST get advice from your doctors surgery. Opinions of members here are just that-opinions. We at HT encourage you to follow the medical guidelines. Holidaytruths cannot support any recommendations from members to go against the advice that goes with the medication
Alan, makes you wonder about all the people who go to Goa and never take any precautions :!:
Was thinking about the poor lady more than my choice of whether or not I choose to take medication :oops: :(
Sorry, yes of course it's very sad(did mean to put in previous post :oops: ) The point I was trying to get across is there are so many people who don't take any sort of precaution when going abroad it's a wonder there are not more sad cases like this one. As the posters say "it only takes one bite". Sorry if my previous post came across as if didn't care, it wasn't meant to :oops: Tony.
This is all becoming very concerning and it really seems there is a real requirement for us to take the medication.

As I have suffered with the side effects from the malaria tablets and therefore chose not to take them I would be interested to find out what time of the day most of you take the tablets and if this plays a part in the side effects experienced, i.e. is it better to take them as you go to bed, or when you wake in the morning with or without food. Although I purchased tablets in Goa I am giving very serious consideration to buying the recommended tablets from here in the UK, and would appreciate your responses.
I usually took my Malaria tablets with food at the evening, failing that i took them in the morning with breakfast. I do think the side effects are not as bad if you take your tablets on a full stomach.

Just before you sleep is another good alternative. :)
There are two stories today in the Goa herald, both concern malaria n Goa, 3 pople have died in Margoa, and the aount of people with malaria in panjim is frightening, I have never taken any tablets in all the time I have been going to Goa but I certainly will this year
Miccie, I always take mine first thing in the morning, normally before eating and have never suffered any side affects :D I get mine from Sainsburys chemist cost approx £16 for 7 week course, Tony.
we did feel a bit sickly after taking ours so now take them at bed time to sleep through the affects we also buy one a week ones in goa
When I took them on our first trip it was first thing in the morning, so I think I'll try just before bed. I am concerned however that I should buy the course from our chemist rather than use the once a week ones from Goa - rather undecided
Does anyone know the name of the the weekly malaria tablets that can be bought over the counter in most of Goa's chemist's :?:

Also their price please :D

I'll look when I get home this evening for the name. They cost 7 rupees per strip. We were told that if you go to the Medical Centre then they will let you have them free, but at that price I don't think it is a consideration.
you can buy exactly the same tablets in goa as you can here ,you don't have to take the one a week ones. the drug names to ask for are PROGUANIL 100mg (Paludrine) and CHLOROQUINE PHOSPHATE 250mg (AVLOCLOR).Hope this helps,we always buy ours in Goa,not had a problem yet TOUCH WOOD!!!. Paula
One of the cheapest places for the tablets is Superdrug, where they were only £12 for a 7 week pack earlier this year.
My wife and I both took them in the morning and while I never experienced any problem (and never have during quite extensive travel in Asia and Africa) my wife says she did feel a bit off and therefore intends to take them at bedtime on our next visit this winter.
The question of not taking them just doesn't come into the equation. Any chance of catching Malaria is not to be messed with - it comes with a lifetime guarantee!
Just found a website where you can purchase Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack for £15.71 delivered, thought that sounded reasonable and that some of you may like to take a look
You can purchase Paludrine/Avlorclor from at £12.60 per box(7 strips) with free delivery. Cheapest I've found.
Hughsey, even better! :D
The question of not taking them just doesn't come into the equation. Any chance of catching Malaria is not to be messed with

CGJ, very much agree with you, but still surprises me how many people never take them because they haven't had any problems before :roll:
Does anyone know if you can buy Malarone tabs. in Goa and how much ? They are the newer combined Paludrine/Avloclor tabs. I believe you can only get them with a prescription in the U.K. The big benifit with them is tat you only commence them 1 to 2 days before arrival and the dosage is only one tablet per day. Alan

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