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We are going to Sharm in Oct with Monarch. Flight no MON1904.

Does anyone know seat configuration and what the leg room is like We are both tall. Also which seats /rows are extra leg room, just in case need to consider paying the extra.

We were told extra leg room seats would cost 80 pp through travel agent.

We have flown with Monarch before to Luxor and leg room was fine.

Many thanks.

LGW-SSH-LGW (MON1904/5) are operated by an Airbus A300B4-605R. Extra legroom seats are located at row 1 seats A/B/D/E/F/G/H/J, row 9 seats B/C/D/E/F/G/H and row 31 seats B/C/D/E/F/G/H. You'll find further aircraft information, including seating plans on our What Aircraft? guide (link beow).

Looks like Monarch are having major problems yet again today, our friends who had a major delay going to Palma 10 days ago are now being told they have at least a five hour delay for their return, they checked in for this morning flight home but after going through security was told they will not be leaving for at least five hours, they are being told it is due to a lack of available aircraft. Its about time Monarch sorted themselves out, this is becoming a daily occurrence with big delays.

Update: they are now due to depart at 18:00 Majorcan time, aprox 6 1/2 hours late.
Big Al
Does anyone know if Monarch are still planning to move Terminals at Manchester?
I am wanting to book a lounge for my next flight but don't want to risk losing any money if they move terminals?
Hey z.j.c
When I asked Monarch earlier this year they said that they are staying in T1 at Manchester for the foreseeable future , so I don't think they are planning anything soon, but I could be wrong.

Big Al
z.j.c wrote:
Does anyone know if Monarch are still planning to move Terminals at Manchester?

They aren't moving so you're safe booking your lounge.

Hi folks.

Im flying on Friday 10th sept to Mahon from Manchester on Monarch ZB698.

Any ideas which a/c?


(ex: casiodan)

ps Hope your well Dazbo, its been 4 long years since i last called upon your services.

Your flight is down to be on a B752. More details about this aircraft are available on the What Aircraft Guide
Im glad there not moving I like Terminal 1and the lounge is fantastic.
hi we fly out on the 14th sept zb520 to antalya would be possible to advise were the aircraft will be used on previous flight
thanks gary

The aircraft operating ZB520/1 comes in from Gibraltar (ZB575).


The aircraft operating your flight operates the MAN-BCN ZB516/7 before yours. This should be either of G-OZBT or G-OZBU.

(sorry to correct this one Dazbo - there is no GIB flight on a Tuesday from MAN with Monarch)
partyboy_uk wrote:
sorry to correct this one Dazbo

No worries, but it's been coming in with the callsign ZB575 for the last month (didn't check any further back)!

Im flying from BHX on Sunday to LCA on ZB486, I think this will be an A321, am i right?

That's correct, the ZB486 BHX/LCA is operated on an A321-200 ;)

Does anyone know if there is a Monarch bag drop at Larnaca Airport? We're flying out from Gatwick on Sunday 12th September (ZB 714) and back on Wednesday 22nd (ZB 719), and can check-in online for both flights now. However, I'm wondering if it is worth checking in for the return flight - if there's no bag drop, we'll have to queue up at the airport anyway, so won't really gain anything.

Thanks for all your help,

Questions for Dazbo or partyboy_uk re the recent 12+ hour delay from Rhodes to Gatwick:

MON7015 due to depart Rhodes to Gatwick on 8/9/2010 @ 16:30.
Finally took off around 04:45 (local time) on 9/9/2010.

We were picked up from resort (Lindos) around 13:10 (local time) and when we were almost at the airport the Olympic Holidays transfer ref said that we were looking at a 30 minute delay.
When we got into the airport, our flight was just saying 'delayed' rather than 'delayed to xx:xx time'.

We checked in, went through to Departures and sometime around 16:30 an announcement was made that the flight would be delayed until 04:15 9/9 (local time) and all passengers should return back through Security to board coaches to a hotel.

5 coaches took us to a 5* hotel where a meal had been laid on.
We were told that once we'd eaten we could 'do what we liked' until 12:30 am when there would be further information.

Luckily, the 5* Rodos Palace seemed quite laid back about a planeload of passengers with hand luggage and duty free dossing about throughout the public areas.
I myself slept on a leather 2 seater sofa in Reception for about 3 hours.

Considering the lengthy delay, most people were relatively resigned about it although there were some passengers giving Olympic reps an extremely hard time.

We were bussed back to the airport at 01:00, given a sandwich and drink and told that the flight would depart at 04:15 (local time).

We didn't start boarding until after 04:20 but pushed back (is that the right expression?) around 04:45.

We were given various information at various times from various company reps (Olympic & Monarch) and I'm just interested exactly how much of that information was actually true.

We understood that the plane took off but was turned around for technical reasons.
The outbound flight was MON7014 - at least I think it should have been.
This was the number of our flight 2 weeks earlier and also in June this year when we went to Rhodes.

So, what was the technical reasons that caused the delay?

Did the flight take off on time (09:10 on 8/9/2010) and at what time did it turn back? (I want to know if the Olympic transfer rep was telling the truth when he said we were looking at a 30 minute delay).

What time did the flight actually leave the UK?

Where did it leave from?

We were assured by an Olympic Holiday rep that it was ‘in the air as we speak' at 00:50 (local time).

The Monarch pilot or 1st Officer explained the delay, saying that the plane left Manchester, had technical problems and had to return to Manchester but I can't understand how that could be if it was the MON7014 flight from Gatwick.

There's only one Monarch flight from Manchester to Rhodes on Wednesday and that's the MON3722 dep 09:45 arriving 16:00 turning into MON3723 departing Rhodes 17:30.
This flight came in and departed on time.

So I'm confused by the reference to Manchester by Monarch flight crew at all.

MON7014/7015 is on a Airbus300.
How many of this type of aircraft does Monarch have?

Was the problem made worse by the fact that Monarch couldn't just substitute a 757 or 767 as the A300 is a bigger plane?

We actually had a 3.5 hour delay on the way out as it was found that the emergency floor lighting wasn't working (as the crew boarded and we were waiting at the gate).
They had to send to Luton for a part.

How old are the Monarch A300?

Any ideas why they took us back to the airport so early (over 3.5 hours before the new scheduled flight time).
We didn't have any hold luggage to check in and just had to go straight through Security.
The hotel was about 20 minutes from the airport.

PS - when is a flight deemed to have taken off?
Obviously, a delay from 16:30 to 04:15 is less than the 12 hours when most travel insurance claims kick in.
This flight was definitely delayed by over 12 hours.

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks, guys.

I will PM you shortly with as full a response as possible. You may be interested to know that I in fact operated as crew on your flight back from Rhodes to LGW.

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