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happy new year to you.
i like the idea of 1 and 2 above.
i am not sure that 3 will be the answer but is worth trying if it helps get people to come back to the site. will we be able to stop or opt out of this feature
i get very wary when i see references to "social media" as i dont particularly want to use or be associated with these sites. in the current age employers are checking on peoples social media usage and i get concerned that my reputation could be compromised by other users posts where i have been linked to them in some way.
i do have a facebook page but it is set up with a different e-mail address and username and is used primarily to get freebies. it is not used generally for much else as i do not want my log-in name for here and other sites to be splashed all over facebook etc
so if i post something on here will others be able to share my posts on facebook either deliberately or by accident?
Morning Jimd

The idea is to bridge any gap and reach the wider audience on social media. We have scoured other very prominent forums who are trialling the same.

Unless it is you sharing it there is no connection between your account on here and your Facebook page so identity etc never compromised.

Lets see how it goes. Obviously you are correct we want to grow with HT as just HT etc

We are also adding images/videos to reviews and forum posts, as well as changing forum layout and inserting a media gallery which we are just bottoming out on the design front..

Alot more to follow..

Some positive improvemnents at last. It did ecorage me to take a look in the review section where i thought there were some positives but everything i looked at was well out of date.
Hi Nick

There are more on the way - they will bring things up to date in no time. Videos will be added to reviews and also videos and images will be allowed to be implemented into forum posts.

We are also developing others things such as a media gallery for people to share travels etc..

Stay tuned.

Hi Lance. I just tried to revisit one of my hotel reviews, to check/add some photos (Smartline Ellia, Lardos, on Rhodes), but when I click on the hotel name, the page just reloads; the other 7 hotels are accessible, just not this one. Glitch, perhaps?
Hi Doonhamer - sent you a DM, but yes was a broken link..

I have to admit I never look at this forum anymore and neither do a lot of people it seems. I used to be active in the Goa forum a fair bit and so were many others. It's now deserted.
Just copying Trip Advisor will get you nowhere as they are too far ahead now.
What doesn't TA offer, well when you read the reports you have to read into the needs and expectations of the author and they are not always the same as mine it seems.Some give hotels a bad report because the weather was bad or they had a bad journey to get there. Irrelevant. I once stayed at a dreadful hotel that got good rating because of the stunning view from the garden but most reviewers had only stopped for a drink. The rooms were disgusting!
Maybe a simple tick box against a longer list of expected and delivered with no need for too much comment might be better.Theses scores could be then cumulated to give an overall view.
Score on things like bedrooms, public rooms, bar prices, food quality, food price, entertainment,proximity to local amenities, weather,peace and quiet, swimming pool, other guests, star rating match, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback. All noted.

Happy new year to you and yours

I would like to encourage reviewers to add a few words about their flights and airports. It is useful to hear about the service, levels of comfort etc on-board and also helpful snippets about airports eg beware buying food/drink at Dalaman airport because it is extortionately priced or if transiting at Changi, try and give yourself a few hours to take in a free bus tour etc.
Regarding forum navigation, I did bring this up with the previous owners, who did not appear interested in implementing or perhaps didn't have the capability of implementing my suggestion. When I visit the forum I only want to see the new posts that have appeared since my last visit, then it is easy for me navigate and read the forum. The previous owners seemed to think that the link "latest posts " was sufficient, but that is not the same thing at all. The latest posts link actually shows ALL posts going back to 2004, including everything one has already read. If I leave the forum and come back tomorrow and there have been 25 posts since then, then that is all I need to be shown by clicking on a suitable link. So what do you think ? Can you do this ? I'm sure others would appreciate such a link which is common on many older forums.
Thak you.
Hi Frank

Leave with me and let me talk to my developers - I understand your point.

Thank you Lance, I hope it's possible.
surely even going "back" to having destinations in line like before, in boxes style,scroll down to whatever, click and your onto whatever your looking fore, plus with FRANKS suggestion life would be a lot easier.

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