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I read on another forum, that the owners of the Ibrox Bar in Marmaris have opened up a bar called Parkhead Bar! Does anyone know where this is, and is it any good? Thanks
I hope someones winding you up .. coming from glasgow myself & currently living in Norn ireland..i want to go on holiday to get away from all that football carry on.

The thought of it!! :(
The Ibrox Bar is definately there, as I walked past it on a daily basis last June and it seemed to be popoular. As I said, I read it on another forum and was hoping someone here could confirm they have a new bar named Parkhead Bar.
its called the paradise bar it is up in the armutlan area never been tho
Hi, we have just returned from Marmaris and were actually in this bar last night!! (2nd visit in the week). It's very popular & the food is excellent & really good value for money...... It is not owned by the same people as the Ibrox bar.... although they are related & used to work together last year!!

If you need any more info, let me know :wave:
Not sure how well you know Marmaris, but it's in the Armutulan area near the crossroads where Hotel Nomad is situated.

Tried to post a link to a map, but won't let me do so as I'm new to posting :think
does anyone know where the rangers bar is ?

never been to marmaris before so , a rough guide would help thanks
Marmaris has a long beachfront so it's quite difficult to explain..... it's setback slightly from the front, but easily noticable as there is currently a large patch of bare land where some bars used to be but have been bulldozed!! Atlantis waterpark is on the front & the "Ibrox bar" is a couple of minutes walk from there (going towards the marina).

Guess what??!! There is now an "Anfield Bar" almost next door which has "sprung up" this year........ it's only a matter of time......... Man U, Chelsea (if they're not there already??!!) :think :think
Fumigas, I know Marmaris pretty well, but don't know where the Hotel Nomad is. We stay in the Armutalan area at Sun Apartments (near to Club Julian) so is it near this? My wife is Celtic daft and wants to go.

As for the Ibrox Bar, it's dead easy to find. Just head for the Point Centre on the main road, walk towards the beach and it's on your right almost behind Tasty Bites.

I think someone should open a Newcastle bar ;) :D
There's a Hotel Nomad listed as being on Yunus Nadi Cad in Marmaris, which is the road that runs from the Siteler end through the back of Marmaris to up near the Amphitheatre. On Google earth, at the top of the road near the amphi it shows a Hotel "Nobad" lol, I thought that was funny. Perhaps this is it?

Doesn't look too far from Club Exelsior either, which is where I'm going 3 weeks on Saturday! :D
I heard that area now called The Football Strip.. :rofl

19 days to Olu Deniz..YEEHAAA.....Happy Holidays :cheers
hi emre yes it is near the julian if you know where susans pie shop is it is just down the road from thereheading towards the traffic lights
Thanks gogs, I know where Susans pie shop is :D so I'll be able to find the bar okay.
i just got back from marmaris this morning, and i was in parkhead three times during my visit. I loved the bar, the staff are very friendly and full of energy! The kids also loved it, and kept wanting to go back.. It's a good bar, and i'm not sure what street it is in, although if you are staying in, Club Juilian, Club Epic or Club Acelisia, then it's just round the corner :)
We passed it regularly during our stay in Armutulan. Its in Adnan Menderes Caddesi..
we stop at the sundream apartments which is opposite parkhead bar..which is about 10 seconds away from our apartment..its a great little bar but gets rowdy in a nice way when celtic are stops at 12am tho like everywhere else...its just up the road from september bar in armutualan..they also do buy one get one free in parkhead bar..the no2 dolmus stops right outside there
have to correct you the Anfield bar hasent sprung up this year its has been there for at least 2 years now :tongue lol
The ibrox man utd anfield and everton bars are all next to each other,cracking banter when theres a match on. :rofl

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