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Hi all,

Asked advise here when we went to Spain and Turkey last year on this forum and now we are after advise for the following...

Staying at either the Sol Nessebar Bay or Mare hotel as I think we dont get a choice of hotel until we get there, can someone confirm this? and looking for advice on these 2 hotels. Also looking for tips, what to watch out for, where to go and visit and best place for currancy, is it best to take it with us or get it over their?

We are going AI but this was we have the choice of eating/drinking in or going out so best of both worlds.

I'm aware of gipsys, rip off taxi drivers etc etc but what is the area like where the Sol Nessebar Bay & Mare located is it ok, being developed etc?

Anyway, regards all and chat soon.

Also, Im taking my iphone with me and knowing that Bulgaria is outside of Vodafones usage is there any sim card I can use so I get cheap calls and internet access. Last year I got stung by Vodafone when I used my iphone for net access in Turkey and came back to a £700 plus bill ;(

Hi Realist.

just read your posts first the two hotels you mention are both good they are on the road out of Nessebar towards Ravda as to Currency dont get it here always a better rate out there but only change at either Crown exchange or $tring there is a String exchange on the main st in New Nessebar just about across from the post office going towards the old town. as to you phone mobitel in Bulgaria is a partner of Vodafone but before you go if you put passport on your contract then you get a good deal for calls abroad but you may be able to use a mobitel Sim in your I phone check with Vodafone. hope this helps
:sun2 :sun2 :sun2
Thanks I thought Bulgaria was not part of Vodafone list of countries but I will check now.

Thanks for the info.

M-Tel do a 'Data Prima' SIM for 14.90 лв., which gives 400MB data usage from activation (
valid for for 20 days
) and includes a 5 лв. credit.

Been in contact with Vodafone and yes my passport does cover calls at 70p for connection and your inclusive minutes for the rest of the call but data is charged at £1.00 per 5MB of data up to 5MB per day then its £1.00 per 1MB data thereafter.

So it could work out expensive using data but not as expensive as my Turkey trip :)
Stayed at the Bay a couple of years back - you're right in that you don't get a choice, but what we noticed was that the Mare seemed to be allocated to younger families; no real difference anyway between the two.
The hotels have their own fleet of cabs attached to the complex, and they wil take you and come back for you if you ask them, so no worries about dodgy cabbies :)
Anythingelse you want to know, let me know.
Great glad to know about the taxis now we can have a good look around.

Whats the weather like in the begining of June?
Hi Realist.

been thinking about your post ref I phone do you need to take the I phone with you would be far safer to take just a mobile with your sim or even to put a M/tel sim in over there as it would be costly to lose the i/phone or god forbid for it to be nicked after all it is cheap enough over there to use a local internet cafe to check e/mails or anything else you want to keep a check on .


forgot as you say internet usage by V/fone is expensive even if using a Dongle we found to our cost last year that it was costly when having to use dongle rather than wi/fi which is quite extensive depending where you are staying if you are in Mare/Sol you will probably pick up one of the networks in Ravda
:tup :tup
Im taking my iphone maybe my ipad and hope what ever hotel we are at has wifi cos Im not paying another £700 plus bill.

Hi Realist.

can you download skype to your I pad if so that would be an even cheaper way to contact anyone and would mean you only needed one just a thought

But the ipad is data only not voice so skype would be no good.
Realist wrote:
But the ipad is data only not voice so skype would be no good.

Skype utilises a data stream, it's P2P not voice technology - I use it (
Skypeout to landlines
) a great deal from my laptop when I'm in Bulgaria and may use it from my iPad 2 this summer.

There's a free Skype app for iPad, which is available from iTunes.
Hi Baldur .

thanks for coming in on this I was just about to come back for realist to say that he should check the skype website as they say skype can be used on the I Phone and also they say on the I pad althogh you should add an earpiece (bluetooth) hope you are looking forward to Bulgaria if not already there we are in 7 weeks
Hi Mondeo,

No, not in BG at the moment, was there in March for a couple of weeks but have just under 8 weeks until my summer trip.

Just tried a successful test call from the Skype app on iPad 2 (
no earpiece required


Fantastic, mines coming Tuesday :)
Thanks all and keep the advice coming.

Just tried a successful test call from the Skype app on iPad 2 (no earpiece required).
Remember that you need to apply Skype credit if you want to call/text landlines & mobiles but Skype to Skype calls (computer to computer) are free.
Hi Realist.

glad we could be of assistance when are you going out and remember you are only a hop skype and a jump away from a lot of nice restraunts in both Nessebar and Ravda. :cheers :cheers :cheers
Hahaha funny :)
Any tips with restraunts, shops, markets and tips on traveling what to do and what not to do.


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