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Not sure whether to get a private car return transfer to Maspalomis for about £50 or whether to get car hire for £88

We are going for one week mid December

Would hiring our own car be worth it? Not sure if there is much open to visit that time of the month.

Any adv greatly appreciated. :lol:
I always prefer a car. There is a lot more to see on Gran Canaria that just the beach and bars in Maspalomas.

The cost of the car is not much more that the return taxi and you always have the car should you need it
Thanks for that
I shall book the car now
Also, to think that there won't be much open at that time of year is a mistake.

The Canaries are not May-September seasonal like Spain or Greece, they're a year round destination and everything will be open for business.
Thanks for that
I have booked a car for the week.
Hopefully the weather will be ok!
Always handy to have a car - even comes in handy should the weather one day not be too good. We always hire a car nowadays, means you can see more of the Island, check out other resorts, even use it to carry our duty free's ( :wink: ), get a shop in if your S/C, don't have to wait for transport back to the airport. :D
Just don't forget your driving licence :lol:

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