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We are hoping to take the grandaughter to Rhodes with us next August as it will be her 13th birthday. We know where we want to stay and I have been checking the prices over the last couple of weeks. It has gone down from £2,112 to £2,058 not much I know but wondering if prices will continue to drop or have they every chance of going up again. I wish I knew how Thomsons pricing works ! and I wonder if the low £50 each deposit will be on a while !
prices with most of the larger companies go up and down like a yo yo the secret is find a price you think is fair book the holiday and don't look again [ or see if anyone else ( not the big 3) have a deal on it]

don't forget to get written permission from both [if separated] parents to take a child not belonging to you abroad [there is a thread in the general enquiries forum covering this topic

I would agree with Wizard - if there's a specific place you want to go, and you find a price you are prepared to pay, then I would book. A lot of Travel Companies work on the supply & demand principle and if a few more bookings come in for your hotel then the price will go up. We have already booked for Kephalonia for August next year. We really wanted to stay in this hotel and we thought the price seemed reasonable. I know maybe the price might come down, but how disappointed will you be if there are no rooms left in that hotel when you're ready to book.?
The prices are normally very good between Christmas and New year if you are prepared to wait until then.
I have already booked my 2010 holiday as Thomas Cook gave me the web price.It came down £20 each but has gone back up again.
Is it is a hotel you specifically want? I would be tempted to wait until December to book as I cant see a rush of people booking any "Euro" countries until Christmas is over.
Yes it is a particular hotel I want and we also want a seaview room. The fact she is 13 on the day we travel probably classes her as an adult as well. I will ensure we have written permission just incase we are asked for it.
Thomson discount codes seem very thin on the ground this year, would of come in handy !!
Does Thomas Cook feature your hotel as they have some good web discounts at the moment.Even the Thomas Cook travel agents will give you the web price.
No, the only tour operator is Thomson, First Choice used to have it in their brochure, not now.
It's The Ibiscus in Rhodes Town, stayed their last year.
Have been tracking prices for February but they seem to be stuck at present. Off to Cyprus on Sunday so will wait until we get back unless there is a sudden shift downwards. I agree about prices. Pay what you think it is worth and forget about it. Although like others you will continue to check if it has gone up or down. Daft I know but you just can't resist.

On the beach holidays were doing it this year and still showing it as of today [if you want to take the chance (see complaints forum)]

you may also consider contacting other independents .. coop travel ,A1 travel,Fleetway travel to see if they can offer a deal

If you decide to give on the beach a chance, don't book through their web-site, call them for a price. I know someone who did this and you get a more accurate price.

Their web-site doesn't use live flight prices (and in fairness they do say this on the site, but it confuddles people who think it's an agreed price) but they seem to be able to get more accurate prices when you phone them for some reason.
I have looked at the On the Beach website, just to give me some sort of comparison for prices but I could not get the Ibiscus in Rhodes Town to show up and I went through all the hotels listed.
To be honest I am slightly wary of using them, at least I have used Thomson before and it might be worth paying that bit more for piece of mind .
I will check out the co-op travel for their prices.

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