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I am thinking of booking Turkey, but we've never been. I've posted in the forum giving for details and asking for recommendations. 8)
We're looking at booking the Aquasis Deluxe Resort & Spa in Altinkum. We've been to Turkey for our last two holidays :)
Welcome to HT emzie
Are you on countdown yet? :)
We still haven't booked! My fault really I just feel a bit uneasy now the travel advice says heightened risk against aviation, I don't like flying any time but that just makes me feel worse!
There is no point in going somewhere you are feeling a bit uneasy about. You need to be looking forward to a holiday- that's part of the fun. I have actually changed a holiday in the past as I got this feeling that something awful was going to happen. It didn't, thank goodness, but I did have a fantastic holiday in a brand new destination for me.
I know exactly what you're saying but it's hard when the rest of the family want to go and I'm the only one that's unsure. The holiday is such a good price too, I think I'll think about it a bit longer. Thanks for the advice 😁

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