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Is Chelsea boy still in Turkey (does he live there?).
If so, I would love those daily weather reports again come summertime. It would be nice to know what to expect when I go in September (3rd-17th) :D :sun2

Chelsea boy moved from Turkey at the end of last year so is no longer resident in Turkey. There are several weather website where you can view daily weather and forecasts such as Weather Underground.

Thanks Darren but most of the weather sites usually aren't very accurate. Would rather get it straight from the horses mouth (not that I'm calling CB a horses lol).

Maybe some other Turkish residents could do what CB did last year (daily weather reports)?
Weather Underground is pretty accurate, I've used it for years and compared the temperatures when I've been in resort to the website, they aren't far out. We have had offers to carry on reporting daily weather but on the basis that we allow advertising from them, which we can't do.

The other option then I guess is to have holiday makers to give weather reports. I wouldn't expect daily reports though coz obviously when on holiday we all have better things to do. I will give weather reports when I'm in Turkey but it won't be every day, sunbathing, swimming, drinking, eating etc. will obviously take priority (if my wife has anything to say anyway lol)
Well I'm there for three months from April and then another couple of months from the end of August, so will report on the weather as often as I can.

Jak xx
Sounds perfect Jak, thanks.

Where abouts are you staying?
Off to olu deniz 5th june, any info on what weather mite be like

Thanks :D
We have a house in Konacik (just outside Gumbet) on the Bodrum peninsula and spend half the year over there - lucky I know!!

Jak xx
hi guys, iv`e been a few times to the area before but always in September, this time im going in May so what temps can i expect ?
6/22 May, will i need a jacket for the night ?

48 more sleeps lol then :sun2 ,,,,, i hope :)

thanks Paul
Hi All,
I will take up Chelseaboy's weather posting baton as holiday time is fast approaching.
I live in the same village as CB did - Hisaronu Koyu, 20Km from Marmaris.
I have lived here full time now for 2 years at Villa Guller which we offer for holidays.
It is a wonderful area to be in. Superb scenery, wonderful air and friendly locals.

I will give you 2 temperatures - normal and what I like to call sunbed temp. I have a sensor out on the terrace in direct sun so it gives you the temperature you would experience lazing out on your sunbed. I can only tell you about here as mentioned above Weather Underground is pretty good but the weather can vary tremendously place to place, even between here and Marmaris.
March so far has been a mixed bag - warm, sunny days but chilly evening,nights and early mornings. Some rain, thunderstorms and big winds but slowly the weather is settling down to what we like!
The birds are all singing and busy nest building and the leaves are busting forth. Our pears and plums are in blossom and there are a few oranges and plenty of lemons left on the trees.
The pool is still a horrible green mess full of frogs - that's my next job!

Air temp at 11.15 - 16.4c
Sunbed temp - 30.6c
Sunny, warm with scattered clouds and a very gentle breeze - a nice day!
That's great news Big Paul, our own local weather man - got to be better than relying on on-line websites (they can't even get it right for my local area on the same day lol).

Just to confirm, is Hisaronu Koyu far from Turgetreis (akyarlar to be precise) as this is where I am going in September (3rd-17th)


Turgetreis is about 80Km away (as the crow flies) - weather should be similar, though - have a great holiday
Thank you Paul! I am especially liking the sunbed temp - good idea! Will these temps be similar to Gumbet? We'll be there 4 weeks Friday :)
Hi Dawn, I'm off to Gumbet on 1 April (we live over there for the summer) and will be updating the weather as often as I can from there. Hope this will help you. Where are you staying?

Jak xx
Weather in Hisaronu Koyu near Marmaris

Good Morning everyone.

A rumbling thunderstorm last night and the wind picked up a bit. Only a few drops of rain, though.

Air Temp - 17c
Sunbed temp - 32.5c

Gentle breeze, clear skies, full sunshine. The breeze is chilly as it is from N/NE direction.
Oh brilliant Jak!! We are staying at the Parkim Ayaz - thank you - I am a sun worshipper and have never gone away this early before that is why I am paying particular attention lol x x
Thanks for keeping us updated with the weather Big Paul. We have missed Chelsea boy's daily reports.
Hisaronu Koyu near Marmaris

Air Temp: 17c

Sunbed Temp: 31c

A bit more breezy today and the wind is cool. The day starts calm but the wind builds up over the day and into the evening.
Very nice if you can get out of the wind.

The wind is a pain its making the sea a bit choppy so I can't get out fishing. :(
Hisaronu Koyu near Marmaris

Current observations at 12.30pm local time

Air Temp: 17c

Sunbed Temp: 39c

Clear skies, sunny but windy. N/NE wind which is always chilly. No fishing for me again today.

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