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Autumn arriving in the Canaries with a rather cloudy day with a few showery bursts. The predicted rain arriving after dusk. Cooler 24C. :cry
Cloud! Cloud! Cloud!

A weak weatherfront passing through today, so after a sunny start, mostly cloudy with some light showers. Brightening later. Rather cool in the wind. 24/25C. :(
Large amounts of cloud at times, but sunny spells too. :cheers
A lot of high cloud around today with some hazy sunny spells. :que
Sunny again, although rather cloudy on the coast in the south. :sun
A lot of sun for all. 26C. :)

A weak weatherfront approaching from the northwest will bring a bit more unsettled and eventually cooler weather in the days ahead. :(
The weatherfront producing some rain for a time in the morning, but this clearing to some sunny spells, especially in the south and west. 25C. :think
Mostly sunny for the south and west, but some cloud elsewhere with the odd shower around. 24C. :) :(
Am I missing something or has Bawbee stopped posting.Nothing for two weeks now.
I thought he might of mentioned he would not be posting for a while.
Me too :( He often pms me to give the weather while he's away, but as we live in such different parts of the island, my weather is sometimes very different. I've not had a pm this time, so no idea where he is!!!

Today, all I can say, is that I sat on Playa Blanca beach today, in sun and rain, but it was still warm!!
I was in Playa Blanca for a week from 5th Nov. Weather was good.No rain but cloudy on friday11th. First looked round Playa Blanca in 1980,boy has it changed.
No idea madmadge :(

If anyone is desperate to know the days weather, Lanzarote Information dot com tend to post the days weather early in the morning, on facebook. They cover all the municipalities in Lanzarote, and they mainly got my area correct today :)
thanks sue ive found it.i hope bawbee is ok i allways check the weather this time of year as i go to lanzarote most christmases i cannot wait :tup
:tup for you madmadge.

I'm back to UK and Ireland for xmas and new year......don't think I need to look up the weather for'll be cold and wet no doubt ;) :(

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